About Me

Hi, and welcome to A Wee Bit of Cake!

I'm Clare and I am a Belfast girl married to a Bradford boy (aka Mr T). We live in Pool; a tiny village on the edge of Leeds with our little boy Ethan. I am baking obsessed and belong to various Clandestine Cake Clubs in the Leeds area including the Wharfedale group which I organise.

I have been blogging for a few years now - where did the time go? I really can't imagine life without my blog now. It's give me the push to try things I never would have done before, it's brought me some lovely opportunities and has allowed to to connect with so many wonderful people.

Initially my blog started out as somewhere to store all of my recipes and to talk about my love of cake instead of boring my friends and family on Facebook. Since Ethan came along I have dabbled in a few more family orientated lifestyle posts but I am in no way a parent blogger. Baking is my passion and as much as I can talk for Ireland when it comes to telling you about Ethan, the main ethos of this blog will always be about cake.

I would never have started blogging if it wasn't for my bestie Rhianne who has her own little corner of the web at For The Easily Distracted. There are so many baking blogs that I didn't think I was good enough but she gave me the kick I needed and I realised I can do this. It may not be as glamorous as others and I'm slowly improving my photos but it's honest and it's real. I'll share my ups and downs with you in the kitchen, the success and the disasters with the odd family post thrown in to balance it all out, I do hope you like it.

 Feel free to stop by to say hello and share the cakey love.

Clare x

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