Dear Ethan - Three Years Old

By A Wee Bit of Cake - April 01, 2019

Dear Ethan,

I actually cannot believe I am sitting down to write your THIRD birthday later (and shortly I will be writing your brother's 9 month letter too). Honestly this past year with you has been amazing; you have grown from a toddler who couldn't put more than a couple of words together to speaking in full sentences, being potty trained and moving from your cot to a full size single bed.

With Dylan arriving a few months after you turned two, I feel like this year has gone doubly fast. You have grown up so quickly and have shown yourself to be the kindest of little boys. You still have the odd meltdown and can be a tad dramatic but compared to a lot of children your age you are pretty easy to parent. You know your boundaries and expectations and even though you test them every so often, for the most part you are a very well behaved little boy.

One of your favourite things to do is to go out for a Babyccino and a slice of cake (definitely my son haha!) and we can't walk past Costa without you asking for one.

Along with your speech, your imagination has exploded this past year and you will sit happily playing with all of your toys making up games and stories. As much as I hate character toys, you adore PJ Masks and Super Wings and love setting up scenes to play with them. Recently you have really got into puzzles too, it's amazing to see your wee brain ticking over trying to figure them out.

You also love anything crafty and are always asking to do painting or Play Doh but with Dylan on the move and everything going in his mouth it does make it difficult. You do love baking with me though so when he is napping I try to do some baking with you whether it be making something from scratch or taking advantage of a good old box kit.

Speaking of naps you have well and truly dropped yours. Coming up to Christmas we noticed bedtime was getting later and later and some days you refused to nap so we decided to go with it and see how you coped without one. It has made bedtime so much smoother but sometimes it does mean tea time and the early evening is hard work as you are so exhausted. Thankfully though after being the boy who didn't sleep you now get more sleep than any of us, averaging a good 12 hours a night.

Food wise you are pretty good and eat most meals. Neither Daddy or I pander to fussy eating and as long as you make an attempt to eat whats on your plate we are happy with that. I think weaning Dylan has encouraged you too as he copies everything you do especially eating habits. Your favourite food is pasta (no surprise) and you also love sausages, peas and yoghurts.

The one thing we have been most proud of this year has been how well you have adapted to being a big brother. Dylan adores you and it makes Daddy and I so proud to see your relationship blossom and grow. He has a special smile just for you and you are so good at playing with him and looking after him. There has been minimal jealousy since he came along and you have been so understanding that sometimes his needs have to come first.

To celebrate turning 3 we had a special party at soft play with all of your little chums which you loved. Granny and Granda came to spend the weekend with us all too which was lovely and Daddy's family came to see you the day after your party. You were spoiled rotten but you deserve it, you are such a wonderful little boy and well loved by so many.

I still can't believe you are three, you're no longer a baby and not really a toddler either. Even though I don't want to admit it, there is no denying that you are a fully fledged little boy now.

Ethan my darling, like in your previous letters I could write so much more but it's time to draw this letter to a close.

We are so proud of you and love you to the moon and back.

All our love, 

Mummy and Daddy xxx

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  1. All the best for big little Ethan ;) This brithday cake is just amazing!