Nude Cakes - A review

By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 06, 2018

Decorating a cake is my favourite part of the whole cake making process but with two little ones (especially a baby who thinks sleep is for the weak) means I don't always have the time or the energy to bake the way I used to.
A few weeks ago the folks at Nude Cakes got in touch and asked me would I like to try out decorating one of their cakes. Now this had me intrigued. Usually I would never buy a pre-made cake or even a box kit but since Dylan arrived and I am even more short of time than before. I've realised that it's no big deal to take advantage of convenience foods every now and again, whether it is something you pop in the microwave for dinner or a "just add an egg" Toy Story themed cupcake kit that your toddler insists on having.
Nude Cakes are a clever little business - they supply pre-baked cakes in a variety of flavours and sizes delivered straight to your door. This is something I would have never considered before and to be honest, had I realised they existed when I made my wedding cake I would have ordered one tier from there just to reduce my stress and to do list.
I was kindly gifted an 8" chocolate sponge with a two week shelf life on the label. Now I know additives will have been used in the bake to give it this shelf life (and these were clearly labelled) but it's no different to buying a pre-baked cake from the supermarket. Once unwrapped the cake was moist to touch and the scent of chocolate was strong and inviting, Do you ever find some pre made cakes taste and smell of nothing? It can be such a disappointment. The taste was pretty good too - deliciously chocolatey and not too sweet.
As I've mentioned before, time is not always on my side these days so when it came to decorating I wanted something super quick and easy and that's were two Terry's Chocolate Orange and a jar of chocolate spread came in to their own...

Chocolate Orange Cake
a chocolate cake of your choice
250g unsalted butter (softened)
500g icing sugar
1 Terry's Chocolate Orange (melted)
1 jar of milk chocolate spread
A handful of chocolate orange segments
Whisk the butter and sugar on a high speed until pale and fluffy.
Mix in the melted chocolate orange.
Sandwich the cake with the buttercream.
Coat the rest of the cake in the remaining buttercream and pop in the fridge to chill.
Meanwhile, melt half the jar of chocolate spread in the microwave for 20 seconds until it is of  a pourable consistency.
Pour over the cake allowing it to drip down the sides.
Pipe a series of swirls on top of the chocolate.
Decorate with some chocolate orange wedges and a scattering of grated white chocolate.

Thanks to Nude Cakes for gifting me this delicious chocolate cake. I've portioned it off and popped in the freezer so I always have a slice to hand when the cake craving hits.

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