Halloween Bark

By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 15, 2018

As Ethan is getting older my favourite thing to do with him is to involve him in baking and cooking. It keeps him out of mischief and he's learning about food while I get some quality time with my biggest boy.

He's only 2 so his attention span isn't great and any baking we do needs to be quick and easy otherwise he loses interest. 

With Halloween approaching I wanted to make something with Ethan that would get him excited about it but that would have minimal involvement from me. He's an independent little boy and I like to encourage this as much as possible.

Halloween bark is super quick and easy to make; we were able to knock it together while Dylan kicked about on his mat without him getting fed up that he wasn't getting any attention. It's perfect for mums who are short on time and creates minimal mess which is always a winner in my eyes.

Halloween Bark

200g milk chocolate
50g white chocolate 
A selection of Halloween sweets

Line an oven tray or chopping board with some baking parchment
Melt the chocolate in two separate bowls
Spread the milk chocolate out to make a large rectangle around A4 in size
Dollop the white chocolate on top and drag it through the milk chocolate with a skewer or knife
Scatter over the Halloween sweets
Place in the fridge for 1 hour to firm up
Once set, break into pieces and enjoy!

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