Dear Dylan - 3 months old

By A Wee Bit of Cake - September 11, 2018

Dear Dylan,

I can't believe I'm sitting down to write your 3 month letter, it seems like no time at all since I was doing the same for Ethan.

I prefer doing these letters every 3 months rather than monthly but it's also a stark reminder of how fast time really does go.

I remember when you were born looking forward to having the whole summer in front of us but it's gone in the blink of an eye and here I am debating about putting the heating on. It doesn't look like we will be having an Indian Summer this year.

Dylan, you were born on the 11th June 2018 in the middle of the hottest summer in years and therefore spent a lot of time in vests or simple rompers. It was just too warm to dress you in anything else. Even though the weather has turned cooler now, I'm enjoying dressing you in snuggly sleepsuits so you are nice and warm. Just like your brother, I am in no rush to dress you in proper clothes, comfort is key at this age (well any ages if I'm honest) and is there anything comfier than a soft babygro?

You were a big baby at birth (10lb 2oz!) yet your delivery was so much better than Ethan's - fast, no time for pain relief and a quick recovery even though my stomach muscles split afterwards. Born on the 98th percentile, you have continued to follow this line and now at 3 months old you weigh 17lb 6oz and are well into 3-6 month clothing. You didn't even wear newborn and were out of the 0-3 stuff within 6 weeks. Your baby cousin Willow was born 10 days after you and she was only 6lb 4oz, such a dainty little thing. Dylan, my darling, there is nothing dainty about you; you're a proper little chunk and I just adore your rolls. You are also super strong and love nothing more than standing up on us locking your legs to look around. Ethan was just the same, I think I make big, strong boys.

Milk wise, you are a total boob monster. Breastfeeding to start with was so much easier than it was with Ethan but then around 4 weeks you went through a really fussy period arching your back during feeds, screaming out in pain and refusing to latch. I didn't doubt my supply as I could see you were gaining but I did start to wonder if you were suffering from reflux or was something in my milk causing you bother. A few friends suggested that it might be your digestive system developing as your body uncurled from it's newborn state and I think they were right as within a few weeks you were back to feeding normally again.

Family wise both Daddy and Ethan adore you. We have been so lucky that Daddy has had so much time off since you were born, he had his 2 weeks Paternity Leave and then he was only back at work for a few weeks before being off again for 6 weeks for the school holidays. It was wonderful having that summer together to get to know you and enjoy quality time as a new family of four.

We were both worried about how Ethan would react to you but he loves you and we often joke that he will kill you with kindness. He's constantly kissing and cuddling you, bringing you toys when you are upset or patting your tummy to comfort you with a "there there Dilly chops." It's so cute (and yes you may have ended up with the nickname Dilly...).

Sleepwise you are yet to get into a routine and we have had one night where you slept through but I reckon that was just a fluke. Like with Ethan, we embraced the Fourth Trimester and were happy to follow your lead. Now the summer is over I am going to try to encourage a good nap routine but I know you babies set your own agendas so time will tell how that one works out. Most evenings you seem to be ready for sleep between 6:30 - 7:30pm so we bath you both together then Daddy gets you ready for bed and I sort out Ethan. We then swap and he puts Ethan to bed while I feed you and lay you down in your Snuzpod. Some nights we don't hear a peep from you until 1/2/3am but other nights you waken every two hours, it's total pot luck. The past few nights have been rough but we have all been suffering from colds and I can hear you snuffling away in your sleep so it's no surprise you keep waking up. You do end up in bed with us most nights too. Even though the Snuzpod is attached to my side of the bed with the side panel removed you are still at your happiest sleeping snuggled into the crook of my arm. I don't mind though, you might be my last baby so I'm enjoying the cuddles while they last. 

At the start of the summer when you were only 6 weeks old we made the trip back to Ireland to meet the family and you new baby cousin, Willow. It was a hectic and busy week but lovely to see everyone. You did brilliantly on the ferry but hate your car seat. Even though it's less than 2 hours to Liverpool we still had to stop a few times to feed and comfort you as you were so upset in the car. Even now you still kick off in the car no matter how long the journey is.

The first month with you was difficult but you have now settled down and are such a happy little thing. You love to be cuddled, will smile at anyone and are happy to be plonked on the floor under your play gym or in your bouncer (sorry but that's second baby problems). Ethan is at nursery on a Tuesday so that's my day with you where we take things at a slower pace and generally just have a cosy day at home. When you get a little older I will enrol you at some baby classes but for now it's just us on a Tuesday. You do get lots of interaction with others though as you are always there when Ethan has a play date and lots of his little chums now have younger siblings, hopefully they will become your little crew as you get older.

I know I could keep writing but it's time to draw this letter to a close. We all love you so so much, our beautiful baby boy.

All my love Mama xxx

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