Dear Ethan - Two Years Old

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 14, 2018

Dear Ethan....

How is it that you are now 2? It barely feels like any time has passed since I wrote to you on your first birthday and now suddenly it's 12 months later.

It's been a busy year for us. We've adjusted to maternity leave ending and juggling the nursery run with our commutes to and from work. Daddy always drops you off on a morning as there is no way I can get from nursery drop off at 7:30am to work at 8:00am. Usually I pick you up on an evening but sometimes if Daddy decides to finish early he will pick you up instead. It's my favourite time of the day - we walk in to the room, call your name and you stop whatever you are doing and come running towards us, arms outstretched with a massive smile on your face. You love it there and Emily, your key worker is amazing. I found the adjustment when you moved from the Baby Room to the Toddler Room back in summer hard but now I'm dreading that you will soon be moving up to the next room. My baby is growing up!

Speaking of babies, I'm currently pregnant with your baby brother who is due in June and as aprehensive as I feel about juggling two little ones I can't wait to see how our life will change. You are such a caring little soul Ethan, always sharing out toys and food with your little chums (although you can snatch and shout "mine" when it suits you). Your friend Hamish got a new baby sister back in October so we have seen lots of her and you don't seem remotely jealous of her when she's in my arms. You do want to sit with me if I'm holding her but there has been no jealousy. I'm hoping that's a good sign for when your little brother arrives.

Both Daddy and I have commented on how caring you can be towards others and we hope that's a trait that stays with you as you grow up. Learn to fight your corner but always remember how important it is to be kind to other people. A little bit of love can go a long way.

You are so helpful too, putting your rubbish in the bin and dirty washing in the basket and always clap yourself afterwards. We are keen to praise positive behaviour and thankfully you are generally pretty good but when you want to throw a tantrum by God can you throw one!

When I think of you turning one you were still very much a baby but now you are a fully fledged toddler. You are talking (Daddy and I counted at least 100 words) but aren't quite at the sentence stage yet. You do try to put some words together but we aren't concerned, we know it's just a matter of time. Every day you learn a new word, it's just a case now of learning how to form sentences.

You love to climb and can get on and off the kitchen table and the sofa without any help. You have yet to master climbing out of your cot but I have a feeling that it won't be long as you have tried throwing your leg over recently but just aren't tall enough.

Speaking of height you are a little shortie. All of your chums are taller than you and you currently wear a mix of 12-18 and 18-24 month clothing. I've bought some bits in 2-3 but they are all massive. I think you are following the Longely trait of being small until you hit your teens and then shoot up.

At the moment you love watching the Lion King, Despicable Me and Frozen. When you want to watch any of them you point to the TV and say "Lion," "Minion" or "Let It Go." We do try and limit screen time but it's also nice to snuggle on the sofa and watch a bit of TV together especially as I am getting bigger and find myself needing to have a little rest during the day.

When it comes to my bump you will point to it and say "baby" or "baby 'idin (baby hiding)" but will often give it a kiss then pull my top down and say "bye." You are such a funny little character Ethan, you really do make us laugh!

You have finally mastered the art of sleeping and now generally nap for 1-2 hours over lunch and do 7:30-6:30 at night. Sometimes you waken but for the most part you are so much better at sleeping compared to how you were a year ago. We are pretty strict on naps and bedtime though and I'm hoping you will still nap when baby is here. I think I'll need it!

With regards to food you are a pretty good eater. You don't always have a massive appetite but generally eat or make an attempt at eating whatever food we give you. Both Daddy and I don't agree with pandering to fussy eating and thankfully we haven't hit that stage with you yet. Your favourite foods are cheese, yoghurts, baked beans, peas and blueberries and you are most definitely a milk monster. I worried about weaning you on to cows milk but you love the stuff and happily guzzle at least two cups a day.

Toys wise you love all of your little figures, Happy Land, your wooden kitchen and all of your toy vehicles from cars to planes and trains. We are quite fortunate in that you will happily play by yourself but if you want our attention you will bring a toy over to us to play with you. A new thing we have started doing is building a den and often if I am trying to get ready on a Friday (my day off) I can pop you in your cot with a blanket over the top and you will play in it for ages, calling it your "Den."

Ethan my darling, I could talk about you all day but I do need to draw this letter to a close. You may only be 2 but it feels like you have been here forever. We struggle to remember what life was like before you came along but one thing is for certain, our lives are so much richer being blessed as your parents.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Mama and Daddy xxx

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