The Weekend Post #3 2018

By A Wee Bit of Cake - February 20, 2018

Even though this is primarily a food blog I do love writing down our family moments and recording the ordinary memories along with the extraordinary ones too.

I feel like these toddler days are flying by so quickly and I want to remember Ethan at this age before Number 2 arrives. Every day he learns a new word and slowly but surely I can feel these baby days slipping away. He turns 2 in a couple of weeks, does that mean he's no longer a baby?

The weekends are important for us as the working week is so busy. We leave the house at 7:15am and are rarely home before 5:20pm then its a busy couple of hours juggling family time, cooking tea, bedtime, housework and if Tom has any prep to do for the following day's lessons.

The weekends though allow us to relax and take things at a slower pace. This past weekend I decided to capture our memories on camera rather than a Vlog and I'm so glad I did. I snapped some lovely shots, one or two of which I need to frame.

Saturday morning was a lazy one - Ethan decide we needed to make a den in his cot which gave me some peace and quiet to potter about doing a few jobs. Tom also decided to take the dryer apart as it's making a weird rattling noise and has thankfully figured out what was wrong with it. I also sorted out all of Ethan's old 0-3 month baby clothes and I'm pleased that there is very little I need to buy for No2. Side note, how was he ever this tiny?

Obligatory brownie and Diet Coke break while the littlest one napped.

I accidentally ordered too many eggs so this weekend involved a lot of baking! First up, an iced lemon traybake from Mary Berry's Baking Bible.

We didn't fancy  venturing too far from home this weekend but with the weather dry on Saturday afternoon we walked over to our local park and let Ethan burn off some steam. Usually he's a lazy walker and wants carrying but he happily walked all the way there and back.

Tea once again involved eggs (told you I had a lot to use up!) and I made us a chicken and ham egg fried rice with duck spring rolls. Both the chicken and ham were in the freezer (the ham was actually leftover from Christmas) so it was a great way to make a frugal yet filling meal.

Once the little man was in bed we had a lazy evening chatting baby names (still no closer on deciding) and watched another episode of Next of Kin. Have you seen it? It's amazing!

Somehow I got roped in to getting up with Ethan again on Sunday morning but he was no trouble and happily watched Minion clips on YouTube while I tackled yet more laundry and general household jobs.

Obligatory weekend pancakes especially with our glut of eggs!

Oh look, more baking! This time I played about with a recipe to make some banana and chocolate muffins. They aren't quite right yet but Ethan enjoyed them so I've frozen them for him as a handy snack.

Tom was also a gem and serviced my car for me as it's due an MOT soon. He debated putting both cars in the garage but when he was quoted £250 each he decided to do it himself.

Sundays are made for snoozing on the sofa, right? Usually Ethan naps in his cot but he lay down on the sofa next to Tom after lunch and promptly fell asleep. I couldn't resist not photographing him. My bestie Rhianne made him this blanket, isn't it gorgeous??

While he napped I edited the previous weekend's Vlog and took some time out to relax. I'm almost 6 months pregnant now and I'm realising that I can't do as much these days.

Dinner was a Mexican feast of chicken fajitas with nachos, salsa and home made guacamole - delicious!

Once eaten the usual Sunday evening routine began. I bathed Ethan and did bedtime while Tom got stuck into prep for the lessons for the week ahead.

He finished in good time and we managed to squeeze in the last episode of Next of Kin before bed.

It was a slow and quiet weekend, we barely left the house but it was just what we needed. We've a few busy weekends ahead so it was nice to take stock and just enjoy being at home.

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