The Weekend Post #2 2018

By A Wee Bit of Cake - February 06, 2018

After my last weekend post I had all these grand plans to make it a more regular thing but if I'm honest time just runs away from itself. It's a never ending juggling act these days but I would rather post as and when I can instead of putting myself under unnecessary stress and pressure.

Saturday ended up with a trip to IKEA so I didn't snap any photos apart from this one of Ethan in the trolley. Thank god for free wifi!  And yes, he did insist on sitting on the potty in the trolley while watching Hey Duggee on my phone.

Why is it when you go in to IKEA you always spend more than you intend to? All I wanted was a plant and some cushions but we also ended up buying a new kitchen table and chairs, a potty, a new frying pan and lots of other random bits and pieces. Thank goodness I planned ahead though and tea was simmering away in the slow cooker when we got in, I did not fancy cooking by then!

After the IKEA madness, Sunday was a much slower day. A lie in is impossible for me these days as I just can't get comfy so when Ethan woke at 7:30am I left Tom to snooze and brought him downstairs.

He's obsessed with his potty at the moment. He doesn't really understand what it is for but he's showing signs of awareness by telling us when he has done a poo so we thought it was best to get on and introduce it slowly. I'm in no rush to get him out of nappies or to potty train so we are happy to follow his lead.

A lazy morning was just what we needed. We pottered about, I did two loads of washing and even baked some banana bread and muffins as there were a few sorry looking bananas in the fruit bowl.

 That afternoon we headed to Tom's brother's for a family lunch as his nephew had turned 9 the day before. Jason cooked a wonderful feast and the lamb kebabs were to die for! I may have had two but I'm blaming it on baby!

We played some silly party games, Ethan loved chasing his cousins around and tucked into cake. It was a fairly relaxed afternoon which was much needed after a busy Saturday.

Once we got home I made Ethan a light supper while Tom got stuck into lesson planning. Before we knew it bedtime had rolled around for the little man and our usual Sunday evening routine was well under way.

It was a lovely weekend, busy in parts but we also made time to relax. Roll on next weekend when we have no plans at all. I cannot wait!

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