The Me and Mine Project - September 2017

By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 02, 2017

Major fail on the Me and Mine Projects photos this month - oops....

I'm never organised enough at the start of the month, then we had one weekend of family visiting, another where I was only home for a whirlwind 36 hours due to work commitments down in London and then when I planned to snap some this weekend the weather was miserable and Tom came down with a rotten cold so snapping a family photo was not on his radar. Typical eh?

Therefore I'm slightly cheating with this month's photos. A few weeks back we took a trip to a tiny little farm near us - None Go Bye Farm which is a fabulous little spot if you live near Leeds Bradford airport and fancy putting away a few hours. I took a photo of Ethan with Tom and he took one of me with him but unfortunately we didn't get a full family snap.

Initially I was sad that I don't have a proper family photo for this month but then isn't the point of this project to make family memories? We may not have a group shot but what we do have is a photo of my boy and I (a rarity) and another one of my two boys together.

This month:
Tom started back to work after the 6 week holidays
Ethan started back to nursery 4 days a week after only attending once a week over summer
We packed the highchair away and upgraded Ethan to a booster seat
I got back in the kitchen for some recipe development and made Malteser Brownies (recipe to follow soon)
Booked our flights home for Christmas
Introduced Ethan to the wonder that is Happy Land 
Enjoyed a catchup with my NCT mamas and their little people
I had two work trips away to London and a delicious dinner at Big Easy
Catching up with my baby brother at said London trip
Tom and Ethan enjoyed some quality Daddy-Son time while I was working away
Winning a scrumptious cake from Tootsweet Treats and bringing it to my friend`s unofficial baby shower
Finally getting round to watching the latest season of Orange Is The New Black

I still can`t believe that`s September over, it truly has gone in a blink! Let`s hope I`m more organised with my photos next month...

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