The Me and Mine Project - June 2017

By A Wee Bit of Cake - July 03, 2017

Errrmmm... where did June go? I swear the month only started and now it's July.

June for us has been chaotic which is why my poor blog has been neglected and my YouTube channel hasn't been doing much better. Time just hasn't been on our side.

This month has involved two work trips away, various school commitments for Tom (including prom, trips and a Saturday meeting!), exam marking, sleepless nights with a grumpy teething boy, sickness, a trip back to Belfast to see the family, a smashed phone screen, a trip to Otley Carnival, lots of barbecues and enjoying time in the garden during the lovely hot spell.

June was so manic that I totally forgot to take our Me and Mine photos until Friday but at that point I knew there was no chance of Tom agreeing to some photos after work (we ended up going for out for dinner at our local instead). In the end we hurriedly snapped these couple on Sunday in between friends leaving and before my parents Skyped us - see, told you it was a busy one!

These photos aren't anything special, we are both looking a bit dishevelled and Ethan did not want his photo taking but I love them nonetheless. It's a reminder that life is busy and chaotic and I know I say this time and time again but one day when things are a lot slower I'll look back fondly at these pictures and remember that life with a toddler is crazy and never simple.

This month...

Tom is loving:
Finally finishing all of his exam marking
Endless Barbecues in the sunshine
A cold beer in said sunshine

Clare is loving:
Having time to read a book during a long train journey
Creating new videos for my YouTube channel (that I have yet to upload)
Family time in the sunshine

Ethan is loving:
Crumpets for breakfast
Moving in to the toddler room at nursery
Playing with the electric whisk (not plugged in!)

Right must dash. Lunch hour is over and I've a mountain to get through this afternoon!

Make sure to check out Lucy's blog over at Dear Beautiful where you can see all of the other wonderful families taking part in the Me and Mine posts.

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  1. Wow it does sound like you had a lot on in June I do hope July is a little more relaxed for you! x