The Me and Mine Project - July 2017

By A Wee Bit of Cake - July 31, 2017

Note to self... make sure we take our Me and Mine Project photos after a good night with Ethan, not after a bad one. Apologies that we both look a tad rough in these photos!

The poor love has had croup so we have had a run of bad nights. It's always worse when he's lying down so Friday and Saturday night were hard going as he was just so unsettled and in the end we caved and brought him in with us as all we wanted was to sleep on his mama.

This parenting malarkey is tough, intense and relentless. There are days when only Tom or I will do and we count down the hours to bedtime but other days we find ourselves loving every moment and feeling truly blessed to have our beautiful little boy in our lives.

July has been another crazy month for us. 

This month:

I stepped down as organiser of Wharfedale CCC after 4 years 
The inlaws came over for an impromptu barbecue
Tom finished work for summer
I went to a hen party and spent the weekend away from my boys
We had 2 trips to A&E as Ethan had a suspected broken leg (it was just a sprain - phew)
A trip to the out of hours GP as Ethan has croup
We attended a wedding in Sheffield were I got to catch up with my uni friends (and our ever expanding tribe of babies)
Tom re-tiled the kitchen getting rid of the grim metal splashback
My parents and two of my brothers came to stay for a few days
We booked a last minute holiday to France

It's only when I write it all down do I realise how much we have done along with juggling our usual home and work life balance.

We head off to France in a few days and I cannot wait to have some quality time with my boys. A colleague pointed out to me that it's the longest stretch I have had off since I came back from maternity leave and it is much needed.I'm looking forward to building sandcastles on the beach, feeling the sun on my face and eating endless French pastries.

Let's just hope the drive from Leeds to Newhaven along with a 4 hour ferry isn't too challenging with a one year old!

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  1. Oh these are gorgeous family snaps for summer. Love the lighting and colors. Looks and sounds like you have having a great time this month. Happy August ahead. #meandmineproject

    1. Aww thank-you lovely. Hope you have a wonderful month too. PS, sorry for the late response, I'm useless at remembering to reply to comments xx

  2. They are lovely photos - I don't think you look rough at all! I hope Ethan has recovered from his croup and you were able to enjoy your holiday - croup is horrible isn't it? I've had to do that trip to the out of hours GP with a coughing baby too! #MeAndMineProject

    1. Aww thanks lovely, you are too kind :) Yup he is all recovered now and we had a lovely holiday. Back to normality now, boo xx