Our Easter Weekend

By A Wee Bit of Cake - April 17, 2017

We’ve had a lovely quiet Easter weekend and it’s been just what I’ve needed especially after joining the team no sleep club this past week. Poor Ethan has cut another tooth and it’s give him a few days of misery. Saturday night was hell but thankfully last night was a lot better so I’m hoping we have come out the other side.

Anyway, I digress – Easter! After a busy few days the weekend before when we flew back to Ireland to see my family (you can see the Vlog here) we decided no plans were needed and to just take things slow. Tom is also snowed under marking coursework – he’s already warned me that the next few weeks will be hell so we will just have to ride it out.

Friday afternoon saw a trip to Ikea to buy some storage bits for the new shed and some tubs for Ethan’s blocks and duplo. I was getting fed up of toys being everywhere and spilling out of the toy tub in the lounge so I cleared out the sideboard, organised everything into it’s relevant box. Yes, I need to get a life but neat and tidy cupboards make me happy.

Going places on a morning can often be a no no for us unless we can time it right as Ethan tends to nap for 1-2 hours around 10am. We did consider taking advantage of some free Newby Hall passes that I got from work but Tom figured it was better to crack on with more marking while Ethan napped then to stay fairly local in the afternoon. We ended up visiting a few garden centres in search of some new hanging baskets but when we saw the price (£30+!) we found ourselves at Homebase paying a much more reasonable £5.

Seeing as Fodder was round the corner we stopped for an obligatory cake and coffee and oh my, I had the Toffee Apple Crumble Cake and it truly was the biggest slice of cake I have ever had! Tom had a Treacle and Ginger Tart. I’m not great at pastry but I definitely want to recreate that recipe.

Once Ethan went to bed that evening I took advantage of Tom needing to mark and watched Britain’s Got Talent – did you see those twins? They were fantastic, they so should have got a golden buzzer. Of course sod’s law that was when Tom came in to the room and totally ruined the tshirt trick for me by saying “that’s easy, the tee was just made from a smart material.” The joys of being married to a D&T teacher eh?

Saturday night was a rough one with Ethan. He woke at 9 with a dirty nappy and it took an age for Tom to settle him back to sleep. He then woke 1-2 screaming and eventually wore himself out and crashed in my arms. 5am saw another wakeup and he went back over asleep on me at 530, he woke again at 615 but snoozed in our bed until 7 when he woke up for the day. I was exhausted but as I knew how important it is that Tom is on point with marking coursework I got up again with Ethan No lie in for this mama this Easter.

The weather was miserable so we enjoyed a quiet lazy day. I made us a delicious leg of lamb for lunch and used this recipe for a Cookie Dough Pudding for dessert – yum!

My friend Amy popped over later that afternoon to borrow some cake decorating equipment for their wedding cake and for a good old natter. I also had a quick Skype to the family and a nice evening with my mister. You know one of those evenings where you sit together and properly talk? We spoke about when we could start trying for baby no2, our hopes for the next year, Tom’s career plans – all sorts.

Before we knew it, it was 11pm and as we headed up to bed Ethan woke. We knew it was still that tooth bothering him so we gave him some nurofen, snuggled in our bed watching In The Night Garden on iPlayer and he went back down about midnight. Thnakfully that was him until 7am this morning.

Today has been another quiet one but I’ve just loved being at home and pottering about. We’ve practiced walking and snuggled in front of the TV. For some it may sound like the dullest of weekends but for us it’s been just what we needed.

You can check out our weekend vlog here.

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