The Me and Mine Project - March 2017

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 31, 2017

I swear, since the slowness of January was left behind, these past few months have whizzed by in a blink! How is it April already? At the rate time is going it will be summer before we know it!
March has been an interesting month for us. It was the month that our darling Ethan turned one and 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have shed tears on more than one occasion as we approached that milestone. It still feels surreal now to think that I have a one year old who is not quite a baby any more but not yet a toddler either. He’s so close to walking but just needs the confidence to let go. He will happily walk holding your hand or using his walker but encourage him to let go and he’s reaching out for something to hold. We’ve had quite a few instances of him standing alone but usually it’s when he’s distracted and as soon as he notices he swiftly drops to his bottom.

While I was in no rush for him to crawl, I’m busting for him to start walking. Suddenly the world will become a much more exciting place. He can play out in the garden and we can chuck the sling in my bag instead of always bringing the pram out. I was never ready for him to reach any of his other milestones but he’s been crawling since October so it now feels like this next stage is within touching distance.

With March marking Ethan’s first birthday it seemed only right that this month I share a few family photos from his party. We had such a lovely day and he was truly spoiled by everyone – I know I have said it before but how is my baby boy one?

Roll on April, I'm looking forward to a trip home to Ireland to see the family and hopefully some sunny days out in the garden. Who knows... maybe next month I'll have photos of the little man walking to share with you.

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  1. These are really lovely photos. What a lovely little 1st birthday. 1st birthdays are always so emotional. xxxx

  2. Ahh gorgeous phtoos. You can feel the emotion of them too. 1st birthday are such a big milestone and hard to see pass. They grow up way too fast. #meandmineproject