Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 27, 2017

Monday again!

It’s not just me that thinks these weeks are flying by – honestly it’s can’t be almost April, it feels like March has barely begun.

Last week was a bit of a washout for us with a rotten tummy bug. I got a phone call from nursery at lunchtime on Monday saying Ethan had had a few loose nappies and as per their procedures he had to be picked up as soon as possible and wasn’t allowed back for 48 hours. Thankfully Tom was only teaching one lesson that afternoon so he could arrange cover and go collect him while I spoke to my manager and made plans to work from home on Tuesday.

The poor thing had bad diarrohea but one positive was that he wasn’t bothered in the slightest, he was still his happy little self. My sister-in-law looked after him for us on Wednesday but that evening I started to feel off it. By Thursday morning it was apparent I had caught the virus and poor Ethan still had diarrohea so we had a day at home. He must have sensed I was poorly as he was so good and napped really well.

I didn’t start to feel better until Saturday lunchtime and finally I could eat something without feeling like I was going to heave. I was really worried I would be ill for my first Mother’s Day but by yesterday I felt totally back to normal. I had even lost 4lb – win! (every cloud and all that jazz haha)

I’m hoping this week is quiet and uneventful so I’ve planned lots of meals full of veg to get some nutrition into me after 4 days of barely eating.

This week we are having:

Monday – Spicy pork with rice and veg
Tuesday – Chicken Chow Mein
Wednesday – Chilli Con Carne
Thursday – Bacon and Mushroom Pasta
Friday – Burgers, Chips and Corn on the Cob
Saturday – Out for a curry for our niece’s birthday
Sunday – Roast, I’m thinking beef as we haven’t had that in ages!

Have a great week whatever you are up to.

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  1. Oh no! Such a shame he's been poorly and that you caught it too! My friend and her little girl got struck down with a bug a few weeks ago and it did not look pleasant, but I tried to help her out as much as I could, there's nothing worse than feeling rotten but having to carry on!
    Your meals sound really lovely :)

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench