Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 20, 2017

Note to self... when you think things are going well don't say to anyone else as you end up jinxing yourself.

We had a few weeks there where it felt like Ethan was ill every week and we were both taking time off work to look after him. Juggling childcare and working is hard going especially when we don't have much family nearby. I said to a colleague this morning that I was really pleased that I had completed a full week at work last week but I spoke too soon. I was just getting my lunch out of the microwave when nursery's number flashed up on my phone.

Straight away I had that feeling of dread and when they said he had had a few loose nappies it came as no surprise. He had had a few over the weekend and one this morning so I knew I was taking a chance sending him in. The only downside now is he's not allowed back in for 48 hours so Tom picked him up as he was only teaching one lesson this afternoon, I'm working from home tomorrow and my sister-in-law is looking after him on Wednesday. It is a juggling act and I wish we could afford it that I didn't have to work but unfortunately life doesn't always work out that way.

Thankfully he's happy in himself so hopefully we get a nice day together tomorrow and he lets me get on with some work. I've an advert to produce before the end of the day so fingers crossed for a good nap time.

Anyway, enough talk about my childcare woes and now on to this week's meal plan. I feel like it's been a while since I last did one and I need to stick with them. I find writing it on here makes me stick to plan a bit more and resist the lure of the chip shop!

This week we will be having:

Monday - Campfire Stew 
Tuesday - Tuna Pasta Bake
Wednesday - Chilli Con Carne
Thursday - Creamy Chicken One Pot
Friday - Slow Cooker Minted Lamb and Mash
Saturday - I have no idea
Sunday - Mother's Day meal at Blackhouse

Hope you all have a great week and please do let me know what you will be having.

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  1. Aw such a shame that Ethan has been poorly. It's so difficult when you don't have much family around, but I hope he's feeling better soon.
    The campfire stew sounds really interesting, what's in that? I like the sound of most of your meals to be honest though, very hearty and filling!
    I posted my meal planning Monday on my blog, but it's mostly freezer dives this week. Oops.

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench