A wee bit of the weekend #1

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 20, 2017

I've been thinking of sharing a glimpse of our weekend for a while now but sometimes life gets so hectic lifting the camera is the last thing on my mind.

This past weekend we had very little plans so I decided to get snapping. I may make this a regular thing or I might do it once in a blue moon but whatever way it goes it's nice to remember our weekends. We both work long hours (Tom in particular) so the weekend becomes our time, a chance to reconnect as a couple and as a family. A time to stay in our pyjamas until lunchtime (as let's face it, lie ins are a thing of the past!), do the mundane things like go to Aldi and step away from the 9-5 for a couple of days.

This past weekend was fairly chilled out and normal but a few exciting things did happen. Ethan treated us to a 6:30-6:30 sleep which was much needed after a long week. Tom was up and out the door by 8am while I pottered about with my little man. We had breakfast and he played in his favourite spot - under the kitchen table while I put load after load in the washer and dryer.

Tom came back a few hours later and handed me a gift bag and said to me "I didn't want to wait until Mother's Day to give you this, you deserve to have it now." I opened it to find a new camera perfect for vlogging. I have been talking about starting to vlog for a while now but our DSLR is too big and clunky so Tom surprised me with the lovely gift. I cannot wait to start using it.

Shortly afterwards M&S turned up with our new sofa delivery. This was such a milestone for us as our old sofa was second hand when we bought it and was totally worn out. We could never afford to replace it so to finally have a new suite felt like such an achievement.

Bye bye old sofa!

Hello new sofa!

 Our evening was a lazy one, we watched the rubgy (battle lines were drawn in our house!), I baked some brownies for my brother-in-law's birthday and made a cheesecake for Sunday pudding. We also had the joy of Ethan being a monkey resisting sleep but as always, I remind myself that this too shall pass. As I type this he has been asleep since 7pm, fingers crossed for a good night!

Is anyone else's baby obsessed with pulling your glass off your face?

Sunday saw a very early start with a crabby little boy. He perked up after breakfast but by 9am was so cross and fighting his nap. I decided to try and rock him in his car seat so I could finish getting ready then take him for a drive to the farm shop while Tom got on with some marking but Ethan had other ideas. I was sat on the floor exhausted and broken when Tom snapped this photo of me. I'm browsing on my phone while rocking and willing Ethan to go to sleep. In the end I couldn't take his screaming any more so Tom took him off my hands for an hour while I prepped the casserole for dinner. Thankfully he went down for his nap at 10am and we got almost 2 hours of peace.

We nipped across to the in-law's to see Tom's brother for his birthday and once we got home I popped the spuds on to boil while Ethan napped and Tom tackled the pile of circuit boards that he had to mark (I did not envy that job).

After dinner, there was the usual Skype call to my parents, bath time, bed time for Ethan, tackle the ironing and now I'm enjoying stretching out on the sofa while tucking into another slice of cheesecake (oops!).

It's been a lovely weekend, nothing exciting really but perfect for us none the less. I could have done with some more sleep though!

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  1. I loved this post, more of these please! It sounds like you had one of those great weekends where you didn't really do much of note, but you feel all warm and happy and fulfilled from it. All your food looked so good, especially that stew, yum!

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

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