Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - February 27, 2017

Happy Monday folks. Yesterday was sponsored by team no sleep so by the time we got Ethan to bed and did our usual Sunday evening jobs I had run out of steam to write out our meal plan.

Did you all have a good weekend though? We had a poorly boy who projectile vomited over our bed 3 times on Friday night and had a roaring temperature so none of us got much sleep. Saturday night was another rough one which resulted in me being a total zombie yesterday.

Thankfully my one silver lining was cake club and hot coffee. Mr T was on Daddy daycare while I enjoyed a caffeine and sugar hit which was gratefully received. When sleep deprivation hits you need cake in your life and oh my where there some delicious cakes on offer. Sticky toffee and biscoff... yum!

The sleep gods must have been on our side last night as Ethan slept a full 12 hours woohoo! Honestly I don't think I would have got through this morning's meeting or today in general if I hadn't had my 8 hours.

But anyway... enough of the sleep talk. Time for this week's meal plan. This week we will be eating:

Monday - Cod and Chorizo stew
Tuesday - Freezer dive. Mr T has Parent's Evening so I'll just have something quick and easy
Wednesday - Sausage Traybake
Thursday - Chicken Fajitas 
Friday - Fish Pie
Saturday - Out of curry
Sunday - Ethan's First Birthday Party!

So that's our week, hope you have a good one whatever you are up to!

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  1. Aww! Poor Ethan and all of you! It sounds like a rough few days. I hope he is feeling better now....
    We are having something quick and easy later this week due to a parents evening too. hehehe
    Happy Birthday to Ethan! I hope he has a fab birthday x

    1. Thanks Kim. The poor mite still isn't well, I'm really hating juggling childcare with being back at work. Hope you have a good week x