Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - February 06, 2017

Gosh, it really does feel like no sooner have I written one meal plan and a week has whizzed by and I'm on to the next.

Last week we pretty much stuck to it even with Mr T trying to persuade me to get a chippy tea on Thursday. It's so easy to spend £10/£20/£30 on a takeaway and if I'm honest I would prefer to put that money away for the weekend and go out for a nice family lunch together.

On Saturday we went to the big Iceland about 20 minutes away from us. It's a new build and massive so it doesn't have that grotty or grim feeling that you get with some. We bought a chest freezer when we moved and up until now we haven't really used it to the best of our ability. We decided to stock on on some nice ready meals, posh pizzas, frozen meat and frozen veg. With a freezer full of goodies hopefully there will be no need for a takeaway and we can just tuck in to something from there.

As I mentioned we did get some frozen meat so yesterday I made a beef bourguignon using frozen beef, it was half the price of fresh stewing meat and honestly I could not taste the difference. I was still able to brown it from frozen and it didn't shrivel up small like fresh meat can. Both of us were seriously impressed.  It turned out so well that we might have eaten a wee bit too much meaning there was none left for lunch today - oops....!

Anyway... on to this week. I stumbled across a feature on midweek suppers from Delicious magazine online so I decided on using some of those recipes this week. We will be having:

Monday - Pork, chilli and tomato tagliatelle
Tuesday - Chicken curry
Wednesday - One-pot pancetta, butter beans and chorizo
Thursday - Ravioli pasta bake
Friday - Freezer dive

I haven't planned the weekend yet as we have no idea what we will be doing but I'm sure Sunday will involve a roast or casserole of some description. Saturday though.... we are winging it!

Have a great week!

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