The Me and Mine Project - January 2017

By A Wee Bit of Cake - January 31, 2017

Sometimes January feels like the longest of months and other times it flies by. I feel like this year it's been a bit of a mix. I went back to work on the 3rd January and even though some days have dragged with me constantly clock watching I can't believe I've been back for a month already.

What's even scarier is now January is over it's time to start thinking about Ethan's first birthday. This time last year I only had two weeks left at work and we were on the countdown to meeting our little man yet now it's suddenly almost 12 months later and we have this amazing little person in our lives who we struggle to imagine life what life was like before him.

The weather hasn't been kind to us this past month and I was really hoping to get a photo of us outdoors but in the end we took it on our bed on Saturday before we headed out for my birthday shopping trip and meal. Considering the setting isn't anything fancy this has to be my favourite set of photos of us to date. I really need to invest in a new tripod since my last one broke as these photos were taken by balancing the camera on top of an upturned washing basket that was sat on a kitchen chair - so glam eh?

January, you have been an interesting month with us finding our feet and working out a new home/nursery/work balance. We look forward to seeing what February has in store for our little family.

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  1. Oh that last photo is a framer for sure! So adorable. I love it. This project is so nice to be involved in and see everyone's family captures throughout the year as the kids grow and change along side them. Happy month ahead. #meandmineproject

    1. Thanks Jenny, I'm thinking the same - I love it! xx

  2. Really lovely shot, so relaxed and real x

  3. These are beautiful family pictures, so natural! Ours were taken on the bed too this month! Hope the return to work is being kind to you xx

  4. We took our photos on our bed this month too - it has the best light in the house and we've hardly been outdoors!