Meal Planning Monday (on a Tuesday!)

By A Wee Bit of Cake - January 10, 2017

The adjustment to being a working mum is hard going and I’ve only been back at work a week. I miss my boy like crazy and today is especially hard. Life now is all about planning –  clothes, food, pick up, drop off, baking (I wish!), Ethan time, couple time and maybe even time for me at the end of it all.

I’m trying to be organised with our meals, I’ve worked hard to shift the baby weight and I’m now smaller than I was before I got pregnant and I’m determined to keep it off. This means meal planning and sticking to it. No logging on to Just Eat, no frozen pizzas or microwave meals; I love to cook and it’s important for our health (and our purse) that we eat properly.

Thankfully Ethan has his dinner at nursery so I don't need to worry about feeding him when we get home from work, we can just have some quality family time together before he goes to bed.

When we moved we bought a chest freezer and a slow cooker (hello more space!) and I’m determined to use them to their full advantage. Whether I’m batch cooking so there’s always something to hand in the freezer or prepping the veg for the slow cooker to go on in the morning, it’s important to be organised and stick to our meal planning.

Mr T has a very stressful job (he’s head of faculty at a secondary school) and often has work to do on an evening after he gets in so cooking does fall on my shoulders. Thankfully he’s not a fussy eater so it makes meal planning a lot easier – he just eats whatever I put in front of him.

I’m hoping we can stick to the meal plans and not waiver too much. I fully expect the odd takeaway to be ordered but my intentions are good so time will tell how good we can be.

This week we are eating…

Monday – Curried Gammon fried rice (using up the leftover gammon from Sunday)
Tuesday – slow cooker Spag Bol
Wednesday – Beef Stew
Thursday – leftovers for me as Mr T has a parents evening
Friday – Mayflower Curry
Saturday – I’m out with the girls so takeaway or steak for Mr T
Sunday - Roast

Any of you working mamas – if you have any tips and advice on meal planning, getting organised on an evening and how to juggle work and motherhood please do let me know.

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