Lemon Drizzle Cake (and moving house!)

By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 17, 2016

Life at the moment is just too hectic. Combine moving house with a mobile baby means I have little free time to bake never mind blog!

We currently rent a very small two bedroom house but have purchased a three bedroom with so much more space - I cannot wait to start decorating. The only issue is that as we rent we have had to buy all our white goods in advance and find somewhere to store them. Initially we were going to buy online and have them delivered to the new house the day after we moved in but then Mr T is not one to let a bargain slip buy so two eBay and a Curry's purchase later and we have 2 undercounter fridges, a washing machine and a dishwasher stored in our kitchen. The chest freezer is getting delivered next week and I have no idea where it is going! Along with all of this we also have the carpet and underlay sat in our lounge for not one room but three bedrooms, the playroom and the staircase!! Then there is the wooden flooring to go down in the kitchen that is currently sat on top of the sideboard and the vinyl for the bathroom arrived this week too. Personally I would have waited to order new carpets and flooring but Mr T likes to get everything done yesterday while I would happily take my time over it.

So we have all this crammed into our little house with a baby that has just started crawling and pulling himself up to standing on every single thing (while trying to give me heart failure in the process) and we are trying to pack to so there are boxes everywhere! Thankfully we had already booked to go away this weekend with friends, it will be nice to escape it all before chaos descends next week!

Mr T is getting a tad stressed but oddly I'm being quite calm. I decided to escape the madness this evening and while Ethan is asleep I decided to write a blog post and share a delicious Lemon Drizzle traybake recipe with you all.

I actually made this at the back end of the summer holidays but with the weather so grey and dreary it's nice to look back at a sunshine bake to remind me of the warmer days.

I took this recipe from Mary Berry's Baking Bible (such a good book!) and tweaked it slightly to add the icing glaze. As the saying goes "if it ain't broke why fix it" and I find most of Mary Berry's recipes work great and rarely need changing.

Lemon Drizzle Traybake

225g Stork
225g caster sugar
275g SR flour
2tsp baking powder
4 eggs
4 tbsp milk
grated zest of 2 lemons

  • Preheat the oven to 140C (fan)
  • Grease and line a 30 x 23cm cake tin
  • Using the all in one method pop all the ingredients in the bowl and mix until well combined
  • Pour into the tin and bake for 35-40mins until a skewer inserted comes out clean
  • Place on a wire rack to cool
For the Icing/Glaze

100g icing sugar
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 3 lemons
175g granulated sugar
  • Mix the icing sugar with some lemon juice until you have a thick and pipeable consistency
  • Transfer to a piping bag for later
  • While the cake is still warm mix the remaining lemon juice with the sugar and pour over the cake
  • Once cool drizzle over the lemon icing and scatter with the lemon zest


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