Me and Mine - September 2016

By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 04, 2016

Apologies that this post is a few days late but we've had a bit of a whirlwind month from Mr T getting back into the swing of school starting back, the sad loss of my Uncle and the small matter of buying a house...

After renting for many years we have saved up the deposit to buy somewhere to call our own. I'm still a bit nervous that it could go belly up but so far things are moving pretty quickly and fingers crossed we will be in by the end of November eep!

With so much paper work to sort blogging and baking has well and truly taken a back seat but it will be worth it in the end. I actually can't believe we are about to own our own house. Neither of us have Bank of Mum and Dad to help us out financially therefore it's so exciting to know we have saved up every penny of our house deposit.

With so much going on it really does not feel like a month has passed since I last wrote a Me and Mine post. Since then Ethan has well and truly mastered sitting, he can get himself into a crawling position but can't crawl just yet and can bum shuffle across the room if he spots something that he wants. Just this evening he wobbly toddled across the room holding my hands which is something I am so not ready for.

Also this month I popped into work to discuss my return. Maternity Leave it whizzing by and it's crazy to think I have been off for 7 months already with only 3 months left until I return. I'm hoping they will grant me my wish of 3 days in the office and one day at home but I have to wait and see what the MD say - fingers crossed!

Anyway... on to this month's photo. I slightly cheated as it was taken on Saturday so technically it's an October photo but we can pretend it's September... right?? It was such a lovely day - we met up with some friends for lunch and you could feel the weather turning with a distinct waft of autumn in the air. Things felt a little crisper, the temperature slightly cooler but still a warmth from the sun radiating upon us.

I really do adore this photo and how awesome is Ethan's dinosaur hat? We got it from Next and honestly I can't get enough of it. I'm actually tempted to order it in a bigger size for him to wear next year too.

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