A wee bit of weaning...

By A Wee Bit of Cake - August 27, 2016

Weaning... I can't actually believe we are at this stage already. It only feels like a few months have passed since Ethan was born and now we are preparing to wean him on to solids.

He's just over 5.5 months now or 25 weeks and in the past few weeks he has shown all the signs that he is ready to start eating food. I was adamant that I wanted to wait until 6 months but I'm also a great believer in following a baby's lead and if he's physically reaching out to grab food off my plate and eat it I think he's ready. 

I, on the other hand am not.

After overcoming a few struggles at the start we have mastered breastfeeding and I feel sad that he will no longer be dependent on me as his sole source of nutrition. We have also reached the stage of it being easy - just whip the boob out and that boy knows what to do. Milk is there on tap, no planning is needed. If we want to stay out all day all we need to make sure is that we have enough nappies but now I'm going to have to think about food and snacks too.

The concept of Baby Led Weaning really appeals to both us of and if I'm honest I can't be bothered to puree a load of food that may or may not end up on the floor. I also like the idea that it teaches babies to chew before they can swallow compared to traditional weaning where solids are introduced after the puree stage.

We've started offering Ethan a few little bits and pieces of our plates and he's loved it. It also means we can eat meals in peace as I plonk him in the highchair and he has food to play with. He gets that it goes in his mouth but then he spits it out most of the time as he hasn't quite realised that he needs to swallow it.

Both myself and Mr T love our food and we want to instill a love of food in Ethan too. I want him to see how food is made, teach him to cook (and bake of course!) and see food as something to be enjoyed, not just fuel for our body. I'll hold off on the sugar for as long as possible, we aren't saying no to sugar but he won't miss what he hasn't had. There is plenty of time for sweet treats in the future.

As exciting as the whole process is, I feel nervous about it too. my biggest fear is choking but from what I have read as long as the food isn't the same diameter as the windpipe then the baby will be fine. Also if they cough it means they are clearing their throat, I only need to worry when he can't cough as that means something might be lodged in the throat eep!

We went to Asda last week to get a few snacks and some emergency pouches to keep in the changing bag if we are caught short when out and about and Ethan needs to eat. I stood staring at all the food for ages - there were biscuits, crisps, rice cakes, smooth purees, lumpy purees, ready meals, baby alternatives of adult food, Ella's Kitchen, Hipp Organic, Heinz, Organix - the list goes on and on. In the end Mr T suggested I pick a few things at random and see how we get on with it. Also how expensive is it?? Pouches are just for emergencies, I don't know how people afford to use them every day.

I also stocked up on some new tupperware and had far too much fun choosing little pots to fill with food for Ethan to eat when we are out and about. I'm actually really excited about filling them with healthy snacks that I hope he will enjoy.

I've never been great with veg but I'm hoping the weaning process will open my eyes to new foods and new ways of cooking. I said to Mr T we can't buy chocolate and fizzy drinks as often now as we don't want Ethan reaching out for them. I want him to see us making healthy choices regarding food and in turn have a positive attitude to mealtimes and what he chooses to eat.

We are away this weekend so the plan is to create a baby friendly meal plan when we get back and offer Ethan food every time we eat. I'm thinking porridge or weetabix might be good for a first breakfast, some finger foods for lunch and a stir fry for dinner as he can easily hold the meat and veg pieces. Mr T isn't back to work until the 5th so it's a good time to start and he can be involved instead of missing out on all of these first tastes.

Maybe he will crack it instantly or maybe it will take a month or two before he starts eating solids and dropping milk feeds. We will follow his lead and see how it goes. I'll post another update when weaning is well under way and let you know how we get on.

The IKEA highchair has been purchased, we have more bibs than we know what to do with and I've a dustpan at the ready.

Let the weaning commence...

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  1. Oh wow! How exciting! It does only seem a few weeks since your gorgeous boy was born...It sounds like he's ready for it. Good luck x