Me and Mine - July 2016

By A Wee Bit of Cake - July 31, 2016

How on earth is it the end of July and how have I not blogged in almost a month? I missed Me and Mine in June as life was just hectic for us and July has been just as busy. School has finished for Mr T, we've had family come to stay and had lots of lovely days out with friends or as a little family.

It's also been an eventful month in other ways. We have had a few sleep issues with Ethan and he's been teething big time. He's also discovered how to roll so keeps waking himself at night rolling and getting stuck. We have been using the Snuzpod since he has been born and even though he still fits in it length ways he no longer has enough space in the width. On Friday we decided to take a trip to Ikea and buy him his cot. I know most people buy the cot before the baby is born but as we planned to use the Snuz for as long as possible we didn't see the point. We also still live in a rental and had planned to have moved by now but the right house for us hasn't come up yet.

Another big thing for us this month is that Mr T broke his big toe! We were at a friend's house after our Ikea trip and he stumbled coming down the last few stairs. Initially we thought nothing of it but then he noticed through his sock his big toe looked weird, took off his sock and saw the toe was at a weird angle. Cue a trip to Otley Minor Injuries where they couldn't fix it and getting sent to the LGI. All I can say is A&E on a Friday night is grim. Thankfully they were able to reset it, Mr T was strapped up, given crutches and sent home to wait for an appointment for the Fracture Clinic. Unfortunately this means his diving trip next weekend is cancelled and I don't know if I'll be able to fly back home to see my family which was what I had planned to do while he was on his trip. He can't drive now, we live somewhere with poor public transport and can just about manage getting about around the house. Guess we will just have to wait and see...

Ok so that was a bit of a ramble but on a plus we did get two photos taken this month which was much more organised than last month. I still can't believe Ethan is almost 5 months old, time truly is flying by and it won't be long until we start weaning eep!

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  1. Oh wow what a month - I hope your husband heals quickly, that must be so frustrating!