Wharfedale CCC - Back to Basics

By A Wee Bit of Cake - June 13, 2016

Monday 6th June saw The Wharfedale Clandestine Cake Club meet at the Chippendale Tea Rooms in Otley for our Back to Basics event.

It was a strange one for me as it's the first time I left Ethan even though it was only for 2 hours and I was only 5 minutes away if Mr T needed me. I defrosted some expressed milk that I had stashed in the freezer from when Ethan last had a cold and couldn't feed right, left Mr T with a list of instructions and headed off for some adult conversation but feeling like I was missing a limb. I'll be honest though, I did not like leaving him at all. Even though he was with his Daddy and perfectly safe I still felt guilty but it was nice for them to have some father son time and when I got back Ethan had had a nap and they were both chilling in the lounge watching a bit of TV.

I said to Mr T if I feel like this leaving him for two hours what will I be like when I go back to work in January or do some KIT days before then?

Anyway... going off on slight tangent there! So - cake club! I decided on a simple theme as it was midweek and people don't often have a lot of time with work and family commitments. Also I find some people get stressed or worry about how their cake has turned out when it's a more complicated theme instead of just enjoying the baking process. Going back to basics allowed us all to focus on the simple cakes that we can do really well and look back on those recipes that got us in to baking in the first place.

We also had a few new members turn up which was lovely to see, I do hope they come back again! I've been struggling for new members for a while now and as much as I love all of our regulars I really want to expand the club and share the cakey love.

We held our event at the Chippendale Tea Rooms in Otley and it's a gem of a place. Very quaint and twee it was the perfect setting for the cake obsessed group that we are. With the evening sun streaming through the windows and the sound of live music being performed nearby it was a wonderful place to enjoy a Monday evening fueled by cake.

Thanks to Chippendale Tea Rooms for allowing us to host our Back to Basics event and thanks to all our members, old and new for attending (and baking delicious cakes of course!).

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