BBC Good Food Show - Spring

By A Wee Bit of Cake - May 04, 2016

The BBC Good Food Show Spring – I’ve been meaning to write about this for weeks but with a trip back to Ireland, other blog posts that I needed to share and general day to day stuff I just haven’t found the time.

My aim this week is to tell you about the Good Food Show, some of the wonderful people and products we met and tried out and at the end of the week I have a delicious brownie recipe to share with you all.

Back at the start of the year the lovely folks at the BBC Good Food Show got in touch asking me would I like to be one of the show’s bloggers and I jumped at the chance. I’ve been a subscriber of the magazine for a long time and last year I went to the show when it came to Harrogate where my friend Sam and I were lucky enough to meet Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry and The Hairy Bikers.
One of the perks of being one of their bloggers this year is that I was granted two free tickets to the show including seeing a demonstration by Tom Kerridge in the Supertheatre.

Initially I didn’t know if I would be able to make the show as Ethan was just over a month old and Mr T wasn’t able to make it so my friend Amy came along instead. Navigating a pram around the show was much easier than I expected and the staff were really helpful when we went into the Supertheatre helping me up and down the stairs with it. I was hoping Ethan would sleep through the demonstration and thankfully he did. I fed him just before Tom Kerridge came on stage and then he nodded off although I was armed with the dummy ready to pop it in if he did start screaming.

The demonstration was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it although I’ll be honest here I cannot remember for the life of me what Tom Kerridge made. I’m blaming the lack of sleep and newborn fug haha!

Afterwards we were given a tour of the Producer’s Village and some key sellers were pointed out to us for various factors; winning awards, interesting products etc. My favourite was Sweetieatie that sold a variety of flavours of caramel with my favourite being their salted caramel. It was delicious! A lot of salted caramel was sold at the show as it’s the new “in” flavour but these guys made the best! I also admire the lady who makes it, she works full time and has this business on top of her regular job. God knows where she finds the time.

I also really enjoyed the oaty bars from Stoats although I think I slightly weirded out one of their team by mentioning oats are good for my milk supply… ooops! The dark chocolate and orange bars were delicious!

There were so many amazing stalls that I’ll just let my photos do the talking. The BBC Good Food Show really is a wonderful day out. I’m actually thinking of going to their show in Belfast in October and tying it in with a visit to see the family.

Shortly before we left we saw Tom Kerridge posing for photos and when he spotted Ethan in my arms he was happy to chat for a while even though there was a queue behind me wanting photos taking. It’s true what they say; foodie people are the nicest people.

After a lovely day mooching round the stalls and spending a few pennies (or pounds) we rounded our visit off with a trip to the Heck stall to get some sausages. No visit is complete without filling the fridge with some yummy chorizo sausages!

Thanks again to the BBC Good Food team for our tickets, we had a lovely day out.

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  1. You lucky thing getting to be a Good Food blogger! I'm glad you had a good time, I loved it as well, and am also eyeing up the other dates as I don't think just one trip in a year is enough. I blogged about it too if you're interested: Good Food Show Spring

    Ethan is SO CUTE!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

    1. I'm thinking of going to it in October in Belfast, can't beat the Good Food Show haha! I saw your post on it too but I'm a useless blogger and always forget to comment on posts. Need to get better at it x

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