Me and Mine - April 2016

By A Wee Bit of Cake - April 30, 2016

I know this is predominantly a food blog but I’ve always enjoyed sharing the odd lifestyle post whether it’s been a holiday, our wedding or my pregnancy. I like to read a variety of blogs and it’s fun to see the different linkys that bloggers have created. One of my favourites is DearBeautiful’s Me and Mine. I always promised myself once we had a baby we would take part and I think it’s a great way to chart Ethan’s first year.

I did intend to take part last month but in our newborn haze I just didn’t have the time even though we did have a few photos taken of us as a 3. This month we have had a few opportunities for some photos to be taken and after a bit of debating I decided to share this one from our NCT reunion lunch last weekend.

It was quite a significant milestone for us – all the babies from our group had been born safely and healthy and this lunch was a chance for all the couples and babies to get together to celebrate the births and wet all the baby’s heads. From meeting for the first time back in January in the cold function room of the Ilkley Playhouse and spending the following three Sundays together, it was a start contrast last weekend with us all now parents, relaxed and happy out for Sunday lunch together with all our babies.

This photo is nothing amazing, it was taken by one of the Dads, we both look knackered and the light is casting a weird shadow on Mr T but I love it. I love what it represents – we made a beautiful and healthy little boy and even though that day was the end of the official NCT journey, really things are only just beginning.

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  1. lovely Clare, I just read a nice post (totally forgotten where) about making sure you take photos with your children even if you think you might look terrible because you'll look back and see yourself totally differently. And Ethan will have photos of you together to look at too :)