Happy New Year!!!

By A Wee Bit of Cake - January 01, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!!! Did you all have a great Christmas and New Year's Eve? After a busy week I crashed out last night at 10pm. I've discovered a week of late nights and being almost 32 weeks pregnant do not mix well!

Over the past couple of days lots of reflective posts have appeared on my Bloglovin' feed and it got me thinking about 2015 and 2016. This time last year I was so excited that our wedding was coming up and now we are a matter of weeks away from meeting our little man. I remember setting myself a goal that by the time I turned 30 I wanted to have moved jobs from architecture to marketing, learn to drive, get married, be pregnant and hopefully own my own house. So far I have achieved almost all of these goals apart from owning our own house. We actually have the deposit sat in the bank, we just haven't found the right house yet - that's an aim for 2016 after the baby is born. I turn 30 on the 28th January so I'm feeling pretty pleased that I have reached my ambitions. I know some people want to travel the world and have all these high hopes and expectations but for me my goals are much smaller and simpler. I prefer to appreciate the little things in life and everything extra that is bigger than this is a massive bonus.

Looking back on 2015...

This is always a quiet month for us. After the expense of Christmas and the craziness of December it's nice to take some time out to bake, spend time together and end the month on a high with my birthday. I made a Fish Pie, baked brownies and cookies for Sugar and Crumbs Meringue Challenge, shared one of our favourite meals of Paneer Curry and went to Blackhouse for my birthday meal. 
I joined the gym where I found an addiction for Spinning. Since falling pregnant I cancelled my gym membership once I hit around the 5 month mark as I was just too tired and finding it too much after a long day at work. I cannot wait to go back after the baby is born! I also took part in a few campaigns for Sainsburys including trying out their Panna Cotta box mix and their freezer challenge. I discovered the wonder that is Mars Bar brownies, shared my baking fails and wrote a Happy List.

I discussed my thoughts on cooking from scratch and my favourite cookbooks, I celebrated St Patrick's Day with this Guinness Cake, made some Oaty cookies, made this delicious garlic rump for Sainsbury's Black Garlic challenge and tried out their Creme Brulee box kit. I also made some Easter Rocky Road and ended the month with a new layout for my blog. 

I continued with a bit more Easter baking including Creme Egg Brownies and Easter Cupcakes. I collaborated with the Cake and Bake Show for a few posts, discussed some wedding cake inspiration, went to the BBC Good Food show where I got to meet Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and the Hairy Bikers (woop!), made a Shrek Birthday Cake and a Pulled Pork Cottage Pie - yum!

A bit of a quieter month on the blog front but I did make some Wedding Rocky Road that I went on to make for our actual wedding cake table, discussed my thoughts on the General Election, made Mr T a Chocolate Birthday Bundt and baked a Lemon and Blueberry Loaf.

Another quieter month on the blog, I think you can tell I was getting busier with wedding planning! I did write a few posts though including Foodie Penpals, taking part in Sainsbury's Switch the Fish campaign and I shared the photos from our engagement shoot.

Unfortunately I didn't blog at all during July but this was down to early days of pregnancy and the final run up to the wedding. Pretty good excuses... yes??

As our wedding was on the 2nd August and we were away on honeymoon for a few weeks after it I didn't blog until the end of the month where we shared our baby news.

I didn't blog much in September apart from these Chocolate Caramel Puds for the Godiva Chocolate challenge and my thoughts on the Syria Refugee crisis. Reading over that post now still makes me feel so sad yet grateful for my life too - does that make sense?

This month I blogged about the times when you just need a chocolate cake, how to make easy caramel from condensed milk, I baked Cherry Brownies and talked about the launch of the much awaited Clandestine Cake Club Book 2, a Year of Cake. I also shared the wedding cake I made for my besties and posted a few pregnancy updates including finding out we are expecting a wee boy!

I rarely blogged at all this month, I'm blaming pregnancy tiredness haha! I did review a Spiralizer though and shared the Sweetie Cake that I made for my nephew's 8th Birthday.

The end of the year! There was my Mum's yummy Irish Stew recipe, a festive banana loaf and the photos from our wedding day. I reviewed a box mix for Little Sins Cupcakery and also shared a 30 week pregnancy update.

Looking back it really has been a busy but amazing year too. I didn't blog on everything I wanted to but I committed so many memories and recipes to this little corner of the web, I'd actually forgotten some until I wrote this post.

2015 was pretty awesome and even though the year ended quietly I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Here's to 2016, the birth of our little man at the end of February and hopefully many more happy memories.

Thank-you to all who read this blog, comment, follow me on all social media platforms and share in my ramblings. It really does mean a lot.

Happy New Year!!!

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