Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 02, 2015

Monday again and it's now November! How on earth did that happen??

Yesterday we nearly bought the pram. We went to the Mamas and Papas factory shop in Huddersfield as so many people told us to visit it. I have had my heart set on the Bugaboo Cameleon but it's expensive and our plan is to see if we can get it second hand on eBay. We saw a pram there were quite liked - the Armadillo Flip (who comes up with these names??) and it came with a 12 month warranty but no carrycot for a bargain price of £199 instead of £479. We decided to hold off on getting it though and to go back again around Christmas as we will just be wasting 4 months of the 12 month warranty with it sat in the spare room and to buy the carrycot is another £150. Our budget is £300 or less so fingers crossed we get a pram in that price bracket!

Also heartburn - why oh why? I've got it as I type this and all I want is chocolate and diet coke but I also know both will make it worse. I'm finding I can't eat as big a portion now and tend to eat little and often. I only managed half my dinner last night and felt so bloated and uncomfortable afterwards. Things are definitely getting squished in there! Baby did a few rolls and kicks though and Mr T felt them too so it wasn't all bad!

So.... this week's meal plan....

Monday - Stew
Tuesday - Pork Stir Fry
Wednesday - Steak for Mr T and I'm catching up with a friend so if I don't eat with her I'll snack when I get in
Thursday - Spag Bol
Friday - Pork Chop Arribiata (we didn't have it last week in the end so the chops are in the freezer waiting to be used up)
Saturday - Curry/Out for tea? Haven't planned it yet!
Sunday - Pie! No idea which yet but it's definitely pie weather now

As always I'll be linking up over at Mrs M's. Have a great week!

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  1. Good luck with the pram....That's a great price but it does make sense waiting to get it when you get the warranty....Fab meal plan x