Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 12, 2015

Meal Planning Monday! It's been a while since I did one of the posts. Our weeks have been quite hectic and my appetite has been so strange that I don't always stick to what I have planned.

If I had my way I would be living off spag bol for this whole pregnancy but Mr T would not be happy with that. I've totally gone off beef in any form (apart from mince) and any meal that involves a large piece of meat on the plate. Pass me the pasta though, that I cannot get enough of!

I am finding meal planning a struggle. I've lost all enjoyment for food (unless it's cake of course) so I'm having the force myself to eat a varied and balanced diet. If anyone has tips on what they found good to eat during pregnancy please let me know. I don't even feel sick any more just meh when it comes to food and cooking.

God that was a bit of a boring moan - sorry!

So anyway, here is this week's meal plan; here's hoping we actually stick to it!

Monday - Sweet Potato Cottage Pie
Tuesday - Chilli (or spag bol haha!)
Wednesday - Sausage, Beans and Sweet Potato Fries
Thursday - Pork Pan Fry (I found the recipe on the BBC Good Food website)
Friday - Tuna and Sweetcorn Burgers
Saturday - Steak for Mr T but I'm flying home for the weekend so I'm out for tea with the family
Sunday - I'm guessing he will get himself a takeway

As always I'll be linking up over at Mrs M's - hope you all have a good one!

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  1. Yum! Everything sounds delicious! I really need to try making Cottage pie with Sweet Potato's!