Easy Caramel

By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 06, 2015

Last week I posted this chocolate pudding recipe and where I used some caramel inside the puds. Now usually to make caramel I go through the whole process of boiling sugar to the correct temperature but I wanted to show you a much easier way. Yes it takes longer in one respect but it's a lot less faffing about and you are left with a lovely tin of caramel to devour - yum!
All you need is a large lidded saucepan, some water and 1 ingredient - a simple tin of condensed milk.


Peel the label off the tin, place it in the pan on it's side, bring it to the boil, turn down to a simmer for 3 hours, drain and leave to cool (preferrably overnight) and voila - a pot of caramel is ready.

It really is that simple. No more worrying has the caramel reached the right coppery colour or temperature, just bung it in the pan and leave the water and condensed milk to do its thing.

Now you have no excuse not to make any delicious caramel based desserts!
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