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By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 27, 2015

Pregnancy is a weird thing with food and my own body issues. At the start I was worried I wasn’t gaining enough weight but now at over 22 weeks I have gained around 13lb and I’m really struggling with it. I know it’s positive weight gain and I’m still lighter than I was when I joined Slimming World back in February but it’s so strange. I look in the mirror and see this big belly which is totally new territory for me. Usually I carry all my weight on my hips and thighs so to have this tummy is something I’m just not used to.

I also feel bad for even feeling like this as I know so many women would swap places with me in a heartbeat. My growing belly is a sign that this little man is growing well but then I also worry as I have an anterior placenta and therefore I’m not feeling a lot of movement compared to other ladies at this stage. I am getting a few kicks but that's not even every day yet - is this normal?

Food is another weird conflicting issue for me. I’ve always been a massive foodie (apart from my loathing of salads and nuts – ick!) and suddenly now I’ve a list of foods I can’t eat but I’ve also developed an aversion to some of my favourite foods. I used to adore big slabs of meat (I’m a total carnivore haha!) and seafood but now the thought of either makes me want to heave. Roast dinners have totally gone out the window unless it’s gammon as I can’t get enough of that salty flavour. All my favourite meals – steak, pulled pork, roast lamb and any sort of seafood dishes have been forgotten about in favour of white carbs and cheese. I could seriously eat pizza, spag bol and slabs of paneer and haloumi every day of this pregnancy but I know it’s not a balanced diet.

I know I need to cut back on the greasy food and get more veg into me and it's starting to show on my skin - I haven't had this many spots since I was in my teens! Where is this glow that everyone talks about?

We went for dinner on weekend before last and the minute I walked into the restaurant all I could smell were prawns. It actually took a lot of willpower not to run off to the toilets as the smell was just awful!

I’m also finding I’m just not enjoying food. I tolerate it, it fills a hole but you know that feeling of being really satisfied with a meal and wanting to mop up every last bit of your plate? Well that feeling has totally gone out the window. Everything is dull, I eat cos I'm hungry but nothing tastes good.

Reading back over this post I sound like such a moan but sometimes you just need to get stuff off your chest. I adore being pregnant and seeing my body do what mother nature intended it to do but it doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing. Too many blogs focus on the happy side of life and even though this pregnancy has been pretty text book so far I can’t help but have my worries and issues.

Have any of you ever felt like this before?
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  1. I have an anterior placenta too and I reckon it's only in the last couple of weeks (I'm 29 weeks at the mo) I've felt a lot of kicks, although sometimes they're not even kicks, it's just a kind of swooshing or pulsing movement. Sometimes she seems to sleep for 2-3 hours and sometimes she seems awake all day long - I can't detect any pattern to it all! I did mention all this to my midwife though and she checked everything but said not to worry as every baby is different - it helps knowing that but part of my brain still worries!

    I think everything you're feeling sounds perfectly normal to me, I don't feel like I have a "glow" yet either and most of the time I just feel huge. Pregnancy seems to be a complete up and down of emotions! xx