Sacla Black Summer Truffle Pesto

By A Wee Bit of Cake - September 10, 2015

I owe Sainsburys an apology.  This post should have been published at the start of the summer but between the Wedding, Hen Party and sickness I totally forgot about it – bad blogger.

Anyway…. the product Sainsburys sent me to review is Sacla’s Black Summer Truffle Pesto. Slightly ironic to post this considering summer is pretty much over but better late than never right?

I thought it would be great to marinade some chicken in to jazz up a summer salad and it did not disappoint. Mr T was my taste tester for this and he really enjoyed it. He enjoyed the nutty flavour and said it gave a nice change to the usual Naga Chilli rub he usually puts on chicken.

This little jar of pesto is fab to cook with. Add a few tablespoons to a bowl with some olive oil, mix and coat the chicken fillet. Pan fry until it’s cooked through and serve on top of a large salad.

I never cook with pesto so it’s got me thinking about what other flavours Sacla sell and to try them out.

Thanks Sainsburys for sending me this product to review, I’m sorry it’s so late.
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