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By A Wee Bit of Cake - September 02, 2015

Thank-you all for you kind wishes after our pregnancy announcement. Reality is kicking in now as I’m starting to show and I have a feeling I won’t be in my current clothing for much longer.

This blog has been neglected big time so it was a big surprise when I was contacted by the folks at Rebateszone who wanted to list me in their Top 50 UK Food Blogs. Never in a million years did I expect to be listed in something like this considering I’ve only blogged twice in the past 2 months and neither of those were even food related posts!

I’m busting to get back in the kitchen but at the moment it’s taking all my energy to get through a day at work. I keep hearing the second trimester means you’re full of energy and blooming but I just want to sleep all day. I’ve actually been more tired these past 2 weeks than I’ve been for the past 3 months.

Anyway, thanks again for listing me in your Top 50 Rebatezone, it really does mean a lot.

Now to summon some energy to actually get baking again! I think curling up on the sofa to watch GBBO tonight might just help with that.

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  1. I think this infographic is hilarious! I am 6th on the list and I mostly only post my meal plan every Monday.....I am not a food blogger at all! There is a few of these from the same website/person floating about at the moment all with different people listed!
    Congrats about the pregnancy! What lovely news x

  2. yeah it's a strange one isn't it. It's nice to be rated but I've no idea how I got on there.

    Thanks for the congrats - very excited!

    Hope the girls are enjoying being back at school xxx