Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - June 22, 2015

Hello! You all still there? Sorry for the lack of posting over the past while but time has not been on my side lately.

Since I last blogged my bestie threw me the most amazing hen party - I can do a post if you are interested? I've also been sorting out wedding stuff. The page boy outfits are so cute and the boys (Mr T's nephews) look so blooming adorable! I'm so used to seeing them in their football kit with scruffy knees that it makes a lovely change seeing them all dolled up. I've also baked both tiers of the wedding cake so they are currently being fed a weekly dose of brandy in anticipation for decorating in a few weeks time. Wedding signage is all sorted too; apart from the little things we are pretty much done.

I'll tell you something - I'm totally ready to be married now. It's been 2 years of planning but I'm done with it. I couldn't care less what drink people have to toast us, who they sit next to or when the bar closes, I know they will still have an amazing time. I just want to walk up the aisle to Mr T, become his wife and have a great big party with all the family.

Anyway.... that was a bit of a wedding ramble - sorry! This is actually supposed to be a Meal Planning Monday post oops! This week things aren't too busy so hopefully we stick to it. We are still working our way through the big meat pack I got from Muscle Food, it really is ace.

Monday - Chicken Curry
Tuesday - Meatballs!
Wednesday - Salt and Pepper Chicken
Thursday - Burgers
Friday - Paprika Chicken Traybake
Saturday - we are off to see the new Minion movie so going for a proper Bradford curry first... yum!
Sunday - Roast

As always I'm linking up over at Mrs M's. Have a great week!

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  1. It sounds like the wedding plans are going great! How exciting!
    Fab meal plan! Enjoy the Minions....We're hoping to see it soon x