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By A Wee Bit of Cake - June 04, 2015

I’m such a bad blogger lately but life is just too busy. Between wedding plan, work, gym, organising my friend’s hen party and just general life my poor blog and baking is taking a back seat. I can’t even remember when I last baked just cos I felt like it.

It’s my hen this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. A weekend away from social media spending time with all my favourite ladies is just what I need. I’m not a drinker, to be honest I just hate the taste of alcohol so my hen will involve some nice cottages, afternoon tea and browsing round cute little shops in Ilkley. It may sound dull to some people but it sounds perfect to me.

Anyway…. one thing I did this month which I haven’t done for ages and ages is take part in the Foodies Penpals project. It’s a great way to connect with other foodies and send each other a little parcel of goodies. The person you send a parcel too isn’t the person who sends to you so it allows you to get to know more people.

I love the fact that someone goes to the effort of picking out stuff for you that they think you will like and vice versa. With a £10 limit it stops you going crazy buying stuff but also allows you to include so lovely little treats.

Kerry sent me my parcel and it was fab! It was savoury based which was a nice surprise. Usually when I go shopping I gravitate straight to the cake aisle so it was nice to get a parcel of stuff that I don’t normally buy. I can’t wait to try the chia seeds, I keep seeing them popping up on people’s breakfast posts on Instagram but have yet to try them out.

So here is my little parcel of goodies:

The sea salt is so tasty, I imagine the smokey flavour will be amazing once we start having barbecues (come on summer, hurry up!).

I’m also intrigued by the paprika; it looks a bit more posh that the usual stuff I buy so here’s hoping it has a deeper flavour.

If you’ve never taken part in Foodie Penpals before I recommend you try it out. I probably won’t take part again until after the wedding but until then I’m excited to try out my goodies!
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