Ozeri Frying Pan - Review

By A Wee Bit of Cake - May 19, 2015

I strongly believe in the saying – “buy cheap, buy twice” especially when it comes to cookware and bakeware. As I’ve got more into my cooking and baking I’m slowly replacing our cheap and cheerful products with items that will last a long time and withstand constant use.

I do a lot of cooking in our frying pan; whether it’s making a speedy spag bol, delicious steaks or frying up the bacon for a breakfast sandwich on a weekend; our frying pan gets a lot of use!

A few weeks ago the non-stick started peeling off our current pan and as luck would have it, at the same time the lovely folks at Ozeri got in touch asking me if I’d like to review their frying pan. I’ve reviewed a few of their products in the past, in particular their wok which is still going strong over 18 months later!

Following the success of the wok I had high hopes for the frying pan and it did not disappoint! We gave it some vigorous usage over the past week – cooking on it every night and not once has anything stuck. We also left it in the sink for 24 hours without cleaning it after frying some steak which had left behind a sticky residue just to see how well it washed. It washed perfectly!  I just ran the hot tap, squeezed some fairy liquid on the sponge and it wiped clean instantly. I didn’t even need to scrub. 

I’m really impressed by the product; it’s a good weight, the handle is comfortable and doesn’t get hot and best of all it comes clean so easily! 

I love this cloth that protects the pan from other pans in your cupboard.

No sticking even after frying on a high heat

***Product was sent for review, all opinions are my own.***
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