Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - May 18, 2015

Monday again! Every time I do one of these posts it makes me realise how quickly the weeks are flying in which means it’s only 11 weeks til the big day!

I didn’t go to SW last Thursday; I had been so good all week bar a cookie on the Friday and home made pizza on the Saturday. When I go on my scales on Thursday morning it looked like I’d had a 1lb loss which I was happy with but when I weighed myself when I got home from work I was 2lb heavier. I felt so annoyed and frustrated that I just didn’t go to SW. My consultant then text me on Saturday and suggested I come to her other group in Menston tonight but at the moment I’m undecided. I’m sticking to plan, I’m at the gym 2-3 times a week yet I’ve hit a plateau I can’t seem to get past.

I’ve decided though to try low-carbing it for a bit to see if that makes a difference. I love my pasta and rice but this weight-loss needs a boost. I managed to be carb-free over the weekend apart from cake club on Sunday but even then I was quite controlled. This morning I had scrambled eggs and mushrooms for breakfast and leftovers from yesterday’s roast for lunch. I’ll be honest, I am not enjoying it. I like my spuds with a roast and I love weetabix for breakfast – eggs at 6:30am is not fun!

I’ve also got a foodie event to go to on Thursday where the food is by Almost Famous (burgers!) and then we fly home on Sunday for a few days. All I can do is stay on plan as much as possible and fingers crossed I can shift these last few pounds.

But anyway! Enough of me moaning – let’s get on to this week’s meal plan.

Monday – SW Chicken curry using up the leftover from yesterday’s roast. Going to have green beans and broccoli (I hate broccoli!) instead of rice.
Tuesday – Salt and Pepper Pork with Cauliflower Rice.
Wednesday – Cottage Pie with Swede Mash
Thursday – I’m out at this event but Mr T will have burgers
Friday – Steak
Saturday – Salmon and Asparagus. I saw a recipe in the good food mag for this so going to try it out.
Sunday – flying home for a few days so here’s hoping I can stay on plan.

As always I’ll be linking up over at Mrs M’s. Have a great week!

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  1. Your menu sounds delicious, I love cauliflower rice, it's one of my favourite side dishes.

  2. I really need to try cauliflower rice. Sounds like a lovely week of food and I hope you stay on plan while being home! :)

    Beth xx


  3. I love doing a few SP days to help with my weight loss. My body loves carbs, the scales not so much! Great meal plan, have a great week on plan #mealplanningmonday