Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 30, 2015

It’s Monday, it’s sunny (albeit just a bit on the cold side), I’ve just devoured a crème egg brownie and it’s a 4 day week. Also I'm still buzzing with my new layout - what do you all think?

Last week we mainly stuck to plan although Saturday ended up a bit up in the air and resulted in McDonalds for tea. I rarely eat there and by god did I feel rough and bloated afterwards. I felt so guilty too but you know when needs must, you are out, it’s late and it has to be done? It was one of those days…

On a plus though, I lost 2lb at Slimming World last week. I honestly thought I would maintain so I was so surprised to see the result on the scales. That means I’m 8lb down since I joined 5 weeks ago and I’ve got my half stone award woop! Only 6lb to get to my initial target and a further 6lb to get to my final target – woop!

It’s looking like a quiet Easter for us so I’m hoping to stay on plan and not have too many naughty treats over the weekend. I don’t actually like Easter Eggs, I’d much rather have a bar of Galaxy so hopefully any chocolate eating will be kept to a minimum.

So – meal plan!

Monday – meatballs! I was organised and made the meatballs last night so they just need frying up with a bit of veg, sauce and pasta
Tuesday – pork chop bake with goats cheese and roasted veg
Wednesday – Sausage, veg and chips. A simple supper but yummy too.
Thursday – Seafood vermicilli
Friday – Salmon with rice and veg (need to eat fish on Good Friday)
Saturday – Steak!
Sunday – I’m going to cook us a nice roast and make meals out of it during the week. Thinking either beef or lamb so I'll be digging out my Save With Jamie book for inspiration.

As always I’m linking up over at Mrs M’s.

Have a great week and a lovely Easter everyone x

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  1. Ugh! I always feel so bloated after a McDonalds but they are so handy to have on a busy day....
    Well done with the weight loss!
    Everything sounds fantastic! Have a lovely week x

    1. Thanks Kim, it was a great idea in practice but not in reality haha.

      Have a lovely week too x

  2. Well done on the loss!! I also feel awful after having a McDonald's, I think if you don't eat it often then you really notice afterwards. Have a great week x

    1. Thanks Emma. I think with all the new burger places popping up I'm realising Mc D's isn't what it used to be. Have a great week too x

  3. Sounds like a yummy week! The pork chop bake sounds good- is it easy!?x

    1. Hi Lucy, yes it is - do you want me to post a recipe next week? It's basically chops, veg, bit of cheese, oil and seasoning baked in the oven for 30mins. A simple midweek supper.

  4. Wow, I want to eat EVERYTHING on your meal plan! Have a fabulous week - oh, and well done on a brilliant loss :)

    1. Thanks Seren, that's so kind of you to say. Have a great week too x

  5. Mmm tasty menu, and you've got me dreaming about creme egg brownies...! Hope chocolate stays out of your way over the next week or so, have a great week xx

  6. Well done on the weight loss this week. I think I've put on 1lb just by looking at your side bar; salted caramel, chocolate bark...yum! Great menu planned, have a lovely Easter x