Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 02, 2015

Monday again! How on earth are we in March already though? I’ve also just realised it’s exactly 5 months til the wedding woop! We got our rings on Saturday which I’m very excited about and randomly we discovered the lady serving us in the shop was also from Belfast and her Auntie lives just up the road from my parents. Small world haha!

Mr T opted for a Tungsten one as he needs something very hard wearing. He’s a D&T teacher so is in a workshop all day; a gold ring would scratch to bits in no time so he spent ages researching the best metals. Mine is actually a white gold eternity ring, I wanted something with a bit of sparkle and the near-identical wedding ring was £100 more with the same amount of diamonds. Everything goes up in price once you add the word wedding!

Anyway – meal plan! Last week I lost 5lb at Slimming World and I’m hoping to get another 2lb off this week to get my half stone award. How I lost 5lb in one week is beyond me. All I did was cut out chocolate and bread but it worked. It made me realise how bad a snacker I’ve become. I did treat myself to a Chinese takeway lunch on Friday but I couldn’t finish it and had a scone with jam and cream on Saturday but that’s it. I haven’t been over my syns any other day. Fingers crossed for weigh-in on Thursday!

So here is this week’s meal plan:

Monday – Beef and Spinach Karahi. I found a load of stewing steak in the freezer so adapted this recipe to use beef instead of lamb. I was organised and made it yesterday so tonight it just needs warming through.
Tuesday – Cottage Pie
Wednesday – Spicy pork and eggy noodles
Thursday – I’m out all evening with gym and SW so it will probably be some sort of leftovers when I get home
Friday – SW sweet potato curry. I had planned on making this last week but plans changed so going to have it this week instead.
Saturday – we are off to a house party in the evening so no real plans food wise. Maybe I can persuade Mr T to go out for an early dinner first?
Sunday – maybe a roast? Haven’t planned Sunday yet haha!

As always I’m linking up over at Mrs M’s. Have a good week!

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  1. Yum! Everything sounds fantastic! x

    1. thanks Kim :) haven't totally stuck to it this week as plans have changed but we have been good and resisted takeaway. Hope you have had a good week x

  2. That does sound like a tasty week - what's the sweet potato curry recipe? My t&t one uses a tin of coconut milk, so not so SW friendly!

    1. Hi Penny,

      the Sweet Potato curry is one on the SW website and they have recently brought it out as a ready meal too. If it is a success I'll make sure to post it on here. Hope you have had a good week x