Garlic Rump

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 22, 2015

Have you ever eaten a meal somewhere that has remained ingrained in your memory and you have often thought about re-creating it at home?

Well, a few years ago we went to Fazenda in Leeds. If you haven’t been and love meat I suggest you go, it’s amazing! One of the dishes they served was garlic rump and oh my, I often think about that dish. It was the right balance on garlic, the meat cooked to perfection that melted in your mouth and as I have said before, it took me to my food happy place.

Ever since, I have wondered about trying to make my own version of it. Then, a few weeks ago Sainsburys got in touch asking me to try out a new product of theirs – black garlic. I have never had black garlic before but instantly I knew I had to re-create that garlic rump.

The day I went shopping in Sainsburys for my ingredients the gods must have been on my side as I spotted a huge joint of rump half price at the butcher’s counter. Now my local Sainsburys isn’t the best for getting what I need (it’s pretty small and not as good as the bigger ones) so I almost did a little happy dance in the aisle when I saw this.

I’ll be honest; I completely winged it when I was making this. I let instinct take over, didn’t follow a recipe and it turned out great. Mr T went back for seconds and as we had enough left over to do us a few days he kept referring to it as “that amazing beef.” I also used some of the leftovers to turn it into a beef ragu for the following day so nothing was wasted.

I’m impressed by the black garlic. It’s squidgy, not firm like regular garlic. Your fingers don’t stink after handling it – anyone else hate the way the scent of garlic clings to your hands for ages after? The flavour isn’t as strong either but it just brings something special to a dish; a little smoky and well, just different. You need to try it to understand what I mean.

Garlic Rump
1.5kg Beef Rump Roasting Joint
Half a bulb of black garlic
50g butter
Salt and pepper to season

  • Melt the butter and mix in the crushed black garlic.

  • Rub it in all over the joint, season well and leave to rest for 1 hour.

  • Preheat the oven to 180C (fan)

  • Add a good glug of olive oil to a frying pan and seal the meat all over.

  • Place a few roughly chopped onions and carrots into a roasting tray, place the meat on top and pour over the oil from the pan.

  • Place in the oven for a minimum of 1hr 15. I cooked ours until the Thermapen registered it at 55C. We like our beef medium rare but cook it how you prefer yours.

  • Leave to rest for 15mins, carve and enjoy with a selection of roasties and veggies.

Thanks Sainsburys for sending me this out to review, I’ll definitely buy it again!

***Product sent for review, all thoughts are my own.***

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