My Happy List

By A Wee Bit of Cake - February 27, 2015

I keep reading other blogger’s Happy Lists so it’s inspiring me to share one too. Sometimes in life we get bogged down in the little things and lose sight of what’s important. I do my best to see life from a glass is half full perspecitive and I know I am very lucky in so many ways. Yes I’d love to earn a bit more and own our own house with a big kitchen and a pantry but really they aren’t that important. I always remember Mum saying “your health is your wealth” and it’s so true.

So here is my Top 10:

1.       Mr T – he drives me mad but I love him and wouldn’t be without him.
2.       My family – they also drive me mad (especially with the wedding) but we only get one family and I’m lucky to have such a close knit one.
3.       My friends – I was once told the friends you make at uni are the friends you make for life and I couldn’t agree more. It was there that I met Mr T, Rhianne, Georgie and Alison. It was actually reading Rhianne’s post that inspired me to write this.
4.       Betty Blue – considering how terrified I was of learning to drive I’ve been driving for 6 months now and I couldn’t be without my little car. I still get anxious and hate motorways (especially slip roads) but I’m getting there.
5.       Our wedding – certain aspects are stressing me out especially when it feels like the whole world has an opinion on how to do stuff but at the same time I just can wait to be married to Mr T and become Mrs L.
6.       Cake Club – I owe so much to the Clandestine Cake Club. It’s given me so many opportunities and helped me grow as a person. I love it!
7.       The Kenwood – Mr T bought me it 3 years ago and it’s the best present he ever bought me, I just adore it.
8.       A warm house and a hot meal – so many people are on the poverty line and I’m so grateful that we never have to worry about paying the rent and where our next meal comes from.
9.       Slimming World – I lost 5lb in my first week woop! Fingers crossed I get 2lb off next week and I’ll get my half stone award.
10.   Spinning – it’s my new addiction and I love it. It’s hard, you sweat, you ache but you also feel amazing afterwards.

So that’s my happy list – what’s on yours?

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  1. Still loving the Kenwood :) and i cant wait to call you Mrs L hehe. you are always on my list too. There's a great photo of us on the trampoline on my 2011 one lol xx

    1. I must go look at that photo, that was a great party :) You'll be Mrs H soon too!