Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - February 23, 2015

First Meal Planning Monday post in weeks! Considering January dragged by, February has whizzed past in the blink of an eye. Every weekend for the past 4 weeks we have been busy and there have been midweek commitments too.

This past weekend was my first weekend in ages where we didn't have to go anywhere apart from seeing a show in York on Saturday night. I was determined to have a lie in then booked myself in for spin class on Saturday morning and Sunday morning I woke at 7. I couldn't lie in bed so I got up and caught up on blogging.

Also last week I bit the bullet and joined Slimming World again. Even though I go to gym 2-3 times a week and cook almost all of our meals from scratch I have become a terrible snacker and getting naughtier with takeaways. Every time I went to the shops I was buying too much chocolate or sweets, grazing on biscuits at work and with all my baking too I just feel big and uncomfortable. I'm not huge (a size 12-14) but I'm only 5'4 and feel this is too big for my height. I want to be a healthy bride, it's not about the size for me but loosing my wobbly bits and feeling fitter in myself.

I admire people who can do it alone but I need the support of a group. Yes, it's £5 a week but to me that's money well spent. If I don't stick to it I may as well throw my money in the bin. It's a incentive to keep at it and not fall into bad habits.

It was hard in York on Saturday night, everywhere was rammed and we eneded up in All Bar One sharing tapas. I loathe salad and there wasn't that much healthy on the menu but I did my best to make careful choices and resisted finding a shop to buy some chocolate afterwards. Even when we got home Mr T got a takeaway but I was good and resisted it.

I'm hoping it all goes well with SW. Some of their ideology doesn't settle well with me - I'm not keen on everything being low fat as often it is pumped full of sugar but I will reduce my sugar and fat intake and increase how many vegetables I eat. The main issue is sorting out snacking and eating a bigger breakfast on a morning. At present I eat 2 Weetabix at 6:30 but by 10:30 my belly is growling for food. If anyone has any tips for healthy, speedy and filling breakfasts to see me through the morning at work please let me know.

Ok that was a slight ramble of a post. Time for the meal plan!

Monday - Fish Pie
Tuesday - I'm at cake club but I'm going to make the SW Bolognese Pasta Bake, only have a few nibbles of cake then have this when I get home.
Wednesday - Spicy Pork and Rice
Thursday - SW weigh and Cottage Pie for after
Friday - Seafood Vermecilli
Saturday - we are off shopping for wedding rings and are going to have a nice lunch somewhere to celebrate so I'm going to let this be my treat day. Enjoy a nice meal but not over indulge like I usually do haha!
Sunday - a roast of some sort

As always I'm linking up over at Mrs M's. Have a good week!

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