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By A Wee Bit of Cake - February 04, 2015

Do you remember ages ago I started a fitness mission to get better at running? Well I gave it my best shot even though I loathe running. I went out 2-3 times a week and really tried with it but I just couldn’t get in to it. Then the dark nights started to draw in, winter hit and exercising was the furthest thing from my mind. There is nothing appealing about running around in the dark and cold when I could be at home in front of the fire vegging out on the couch.

Then Christmas came and went and I realised I had a few more wobbly bits and that the wedding was rapidly speeding up. I wanted to be a healthy bride and feel good about myself but the thought of forcing myself into running again just filled me with dread. I want to enjoy getting fit, see it as a hobby and not as a chore.

I started looking into gyms but I didn’t want to spend £30 upwards on membership and be tied into something for 12months or more. After a bit of research on my good friend Google I discovered there was a Pure Gym 5 mins from my new job and also on my route home. Turns out it’s only £14.99 a month, includes all classes and no contract either – bargain!

I’ve joined with a friend which is a good incentive to keep going and so far we have been trying out different classes. I really enjoyed Kettlebells but the only class I can make is on a Saturday morning and I was busy last Saturday and away the next 2 Saturdays so it will be the end of the month before I can go to it again. The instructor works you so hard and is so helpful, I was really struggling with sit-ups and he said my core was shockingly bad (his words, not mine) and actually gave me a bit of one on one time. It felt like my own mini PT session but without the massive price tag.

Another class I’m totally hooked on is Spin. I had heard horror stories including how painful it is, how much you sweat and that you can hardly move the next day but I love it. Yes it hurts but nowhere near as bad as people have said, it gets your heart pumping and you feel so good by the end of it. I really feel like I have achieved something after a Spin class. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m going twice a week.

I know it’s still early days and who knows what weight I will lose or how much I will tone up from going to the gym but so far I love it. I’ve never enjoyed exercising as much as I do now but I think it’s all about finding out what works for you. I hate running and loathed every moment I was out pounding the pavement but Spin is just so different. I’m a little achy from yesterday’s class but at the same time I can’t wait for tomorrow’s.

Has anyone else tried any interesting fitness classes? What are your favourites?

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