Paneer Curry

By A Wee Bit of Cake - January 26, 2015

I really should properly meal plan this week but it’s a bit of an odd week food wise. We have a lot of bits and bobs to use up in the freezer and it’s my birthday on Wednesday so we will be treating ourselves to a cheeky takeaway.

I decided instead of meal planning I would share with you a recipe that is a midweek favourite of ours – Paneer Curry. It’s quick and easy to throw together and easy to bulk out with extra veg if you want to make it a bit healthier.

I always get a Paneer starter when we go for a curry, it really is an addiction of mine haha! When I spotted a recipe for Paneer Curry in my Rick Stein India book way last year I knew I had to try it and before I knew it we were eating it about once a fortnight (sometimes more!)

I have adapted this a bit as it was far to spicy for my palette but feel free to add more chillies/chilli powder if you wish. I also doubled the cheese quantities, you can never have too much of this!

Rick Stein’s Paneer Curry (serves 4)
3tbsp vegetable oil
1½tsp cumin seeds
25g ginger finely shredded
3 small onions
2 red peppers
1tsp salt
½ tsp turmeric
½ chilli powder
450g paneer cut into cubes
3 tomatoes (diced)
¾ tsp garam masala 

  • Heat the oil in a heavy based pan, add the cumin seeds and ginger and fry for 30seconds until aromatic.

  • Add the onions and pepper and fry for a few minutes until they begin to soften.

  • Stir in the turmeric, chilli powder, salt and garam masala.

  • Add the panner and tomatoes, give everything a good mix and turn down to a low heat for 10-15mins (I usually used this time to cook the rice).

  • Serve with rice or bread of your choice.


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