Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - January 19, 2015

Another Monday and we are still in January! I know I shouldn't wish my life away but this month is dragging and it's still 12 days til pay day. 6 week months are a killer! Ok, I know a month doesn't have 6 weeks but I got paid the Friday before Christmas so it means it's been 6 weeks between pay days :(

I joined PureGym with Amy from CCC last week and I'm now determined to go 3 days a week - 2 days of classes and 1 day for a gym workout. I drive past it on my way home so I have no excuse not to go. We really tried with running but a bit of bad weather and we wouldn't go out. The gym is warm, clean, has a ladies only area and is only £14.99 a month - bargain!

So anyway - Meal Plan! Now I'm going to the gym 3 meals need to be very quick but healthy.

Monday - spicy pork and rice
Tuesday - cottage pie
Wednesday - seafood stirfry
Thursday - tuna steaks, rice and veg
Friday - burgers and homemade wedges
Saturday - no idea but I am out for afternoon tea with the girls
Sunday - out for an early birthday lunch with Mr T at Blackhouse - can't wait!

As always I'm linking up over at Mrs M's, have a great week! 

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  1. That sounds like a great meal plan! Have a great week xx

  2. I hear you on the long month, I really dislike being paid early at Christmas. You have a nice healthy sounding meal plan x

  3. My hubby would love the Seafood Stir Fry! Sounds a fab plan - enjoy :) x

  4. All of your meals sound delicious! Have a great week x

  5. Sounds great, I love a nice cottage pie in the Winter