Ozeri Pepper Grinder

By A Wee Bit of Cake - December 04, 2014

I adore kitchen gadgets. As much as I long for the simplicity and romantic notions of years gone by (I’m often convinced I was born in the wrong era) I could not imagine life without all my kitchen toys.

Whether it is my Kenwood Chef, my Thermapen or even the microwave, they all make cooking and baking so much easier. 

When Ozeri got in touch and asked me to review their new pepper grinder I knew I had to say yes. Last year we bought a cheap wooden one from the supermarket but it hardly worked from the start and ended up falling apart in next to no time. The old saying of buy cheap buy twice was definitely left ringing in my ears. In the mean time I had just been grinding peppercorns in the pestle and mortar as we hadn’t gotten round to replacing the cheap wooden one.

Once it arrived I was busting to have a go with it (told you I like my gadgets!) but it needed batteries and scatty brain that I am, I kept forgetting to pick some up when I was out and then the one time I did remember I ended up buying AA instead of AAA – doh!

But anyway….. thoughts on the pepper grinder…. I really like it! It’s pretty stiff (or I’m just weak) so I had to get Mr T to open it up for me to insert the batteries and moving the button on to adjust the amount of grinding was hard work – once again Mr T to the rescue! It’s probably just the newness but it was frustrating.

Once all that was figured out and sorted it was a simple case of pressing the big button on top to release the ground peppercorns. I much prefer it to a normal pot of ground pepper, it looks good and isn’t out of place on the side. It’s also quick and saves me the hassle of grinding by hand. We have been using it a lot over the past few weeks and I love it! We are still using our Ozeri wok a year later and I have a feeling this product will last a long time too!

Thanks Ozeri for allowing me to review this product, it’s a great addition to my gadgets!

*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product to review, all opinions are my own*

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