Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 10, 2014

Another Monday, another meal plan and we are rapidly speeding towards the middle of November. It’s also making me realise the wedding is just over 8 months away so I really need to pull my finger out and get stuff sorted, in particular the invites.

On Saturday Mr T went on a diving course so early morning, before it got busy (busy carparks still stress me out) I took myself to Aldi. The more I visit the more impressed I am with the place. Yes it’s basic and there isn’t as wide a range as the big 4 but it’s cheap, I get my shopping done in half the time and I do a lot less impulse buying. 

The only thing I would change is the checkout process; I do feel very rushed but surprisingly on Saturday one of the employees came over and helped me unload my trolley onto the belt which was a nice touch. I’ve never had that happen at any supermarket before!

So, meal plan! This is a quiet week with no real plans so hopefully we stick to it and aren’t tempted by a naughty takeaway. I also made a big batch of soup on Saturday so I’m hoping that does me for lunches this week.

Monday – Steak and Ale pie from my Higgidy Pie book. I was organised and made the filling last night so tonight I just need to roll out the lid from some pastry leftover in the freezer and pop in the oven.

Tuesday – Chilli Con Carne

Wednesday – Cottage Pie

Thursday – Lamb chops, rice and veg

Friday – Sea Bass, veg and chips. We got a whole fish reduced to £1 in Sainsburys the other week so I’ll be defrosting that for us both to enjoy – yum!

The weekend is unplanned at the moment but there is a gammon joint in the fridge so that might get used for something yummy.

Have a great week!

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