Ooh, go on... surprise me!

By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 02, 2014

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not in form for blogging but I’ve a few reviews I need to get published and it’s spurring me on to pull myself out of this rut about Freddie rabbit and focus on things that make me smile. It’s odd though, I feel in a state of limbo until we get his ashes back. When I don’t think about him or I’m busy I’m fine but the moment I think about him, someone asks me how I am or I go to go into the back bedroom where his cage was and it hits me. I never understood pet grief but it’s horrible. I know time is a healer and all that but for the here and now it’s a struggle.

Distraction, cake and friends are wonderful things and I actually got together with some of the Wharfedale CCC ladies on Sunday for a spot of lunch and it was just perfect. No-one asked me about Freddie, we focused all our attention on Helen who is due to give birth in a few weeks and I came away feeling better than I had all week. It also made me realise that I had totally forgotten to write up our end of August event, oops!

Back at the end of August we held our “Ooh, go on…. surprise me!” event at North Bar Social in Otley. I’ve been in before for drinks with Mr T but it turned out to be the ideal CCC venue. We were tucked away in a room upstairs and we really didn’t feel like we were in a pub at all.

This event turned out to be our busiest one yet and it had lots of new faces along with our regulars. I was too busy chatting to everyone to try all the cakes but I was seriously impressed. Some people went down the surprise inside route while others opted for a secret ingredient – every cake just looked amazing!

Our cakes included:
Sam – American Cake
Jill – Blueberry and Courgette Cake
Ruth – Chocolate and Raspberry Cake
Clare – Jaffa Surprise Cake
Emma – Chocolate Surprise Cake
Jo – Chocolate and Beetroot Cake
Alan – Orange and Ginger Cake
Karen – Chocolate Crunch
Mel – Lemon and Ricotta
Amy – Coffee Surprise
Shirley – Chocolate Quinoa Cake

Thanks everyone for coming, your cakes were delicious. Apologies it took me so long to write up the event.

Looking forward to what you bring along next time!

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