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By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 02, 2014

Thanks Sisley for this Blog Hop challenge, it makes a change to not share a recipe and slightly odd too!

Why do I write?
Good question. I’ve never been much of a writer although I did well at English at school. As I got more into baking I stumbled across some blogs but even then I never thought I would be good enough to blog and share my recipes. It got to a stage though where I was experimenting more in the kitchen and friends and family were asking me to share my recipes. I decided setting up a blog would be a good way to store those recipes and easy access for anyone who wanted to read them.

It’s also a good way to look back on how my cooking and baking is developing. I’ll never be as good as people who have been on specialist courses but it lets me see that a self-taught home baker can push themselves and learn quite a lot from reading other blogs and watching YouTube videos.

What I am working on?
At the moment I’ve a bit of a backlog of posts to write. In between wedding stuff, general life and losing Freddie last week I’m a bit behind in my posts. I’ve just posted about our last Wharfedale CCC event but I still need to write about the Bettys afternoon I was lucky to be part of and some recipe challenges set by Sainsburys never mind my usually foodie ramblings. 

How does my blog differ from others of its genre?
Umm…. good question! Well I try and keep it quite unique. I don’t like doing lots of reviews cos I end up feeling under pressure and it takes away from my original reasons for blogging. I enjoy working with Sainsburys and Sugar and Crumbs but I’m particular on any other brands that want to work with me.

I also like to mix up my recipes with stories about my life, in particular our wedding planning.
I tend to stumble through the minefield that is blogging. Other blogs are very set in their ways, post regularly and take it really seriously. For me it’s a hobby, a bit of fun and I like to show people you don’t have to be amazing to be a home baker. Most of my recipes are simple but well executed, I don’t care if the photos aren’t amazing, it’s all about the taste!

How does my writing process work?
When I have time! Seriously though I blog when I have a chance. I never have a problem putting the words down but I struggle to find the time to blog. I try to squeeze it in before work or during my lunch hour but I spend all day in front of the computer that I don’t want to spend my free time on there too. I guess it’s all about the balance.

So that’s it! A bit about why I blog.

Now to pass the Blog Hop on – Rhianne from For The Easily Distracted and Jen from Bakearama – I challenge you to a Blog Hop!

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